Editorial Review – Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated

  Title: Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated Author: Tom Starita Genre: Literary Fiction/Humor/Satire This story is one of not-coming-of-age, the opposite of the classic Bildungsroman plot. Instead of Lucas James accepting responsibility, this is the irreverent, somewhat crass, and humorously self-absorbed story of a young man who won’t grow up, even when circumstances try… Read More Editorial Review – Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated

Editorial Review – Think Before You Ink

  Title: Think Before You Ink and Other Cautionary Tales Author: Alison Bossert Genre: Essays, Humor, and Satire This short volume features twenty-one stories and essays, some humorous, some serious, but all lighthearted, pithy, and amusing. They share a common point-of-view—that of a single career woman who has come to value time and relationships more… Read More Editorial Review – Think Before You Ink

Editorial Review – Strutting and Fretting

  Title: Strutting and Fretting Author: Kevin McKeon Genre: Fiction General, Fiction Coming of Age Bob—with an untested theater degree—settles into a coveted position with a summer repertory theater in California. He comes with baggage though, as his young marriage has already been rocked by infidelity. With half the country separating Bob from his estranged… Read More Editorial Review – Strutting and Fretting