Thorns of Chester Street – Editorial Review

  Title: Thorns of Chester Street Author: Shawn Alex Nemeth Genre: Memoir   At seven years old, Shawn Nemeth walks into the little, white church in his hometown all alone, desperately yearning for the love so lacking at home and finding it in a relationship with God. From a very young age, he’s known that he’s gay, which… Read More Thorns of Chester Street – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – A Place of Timeless Harmony

  Title: A Place of Timeless Harmony Author: Curt Eriksen Genre: Literary Fiction   A Place of Timeless Harmony is about a couple, Richard and Sofie, who go on a romantic vacation to the African safari. But they are carrying secrets that are weighing heavily on their hearts, and the two realize that no matter how much they hide from each… Read More Editorial Review – A Place of Timeless Harmony

Somebody’s Watching You – Editorial Review

  Title: Somebody’s Watching You Author: Robin D’Amato Genre: Psychological Thriller   How far are you willing to go to hold onto someone you love? This is the dilemma Melody Hollenback finds herself facing when her husband, Jeff, becomes embroiled in a cult with questionable motives. Fearing the changes in her husband and wanting to… Read More Somebody’s Watching You – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – Forever Curious

  Author: Jetse de Vries Title: Forever Curious Genre: Science Fiction   Na-Yeli Maya has been chosen as humanity’s representative explorer into the Enigmatic Object, a multi-layered puzzle in space. Various aliens have taken their turns inside the impenetrable, perfectly black sphere which features only one way in and presumably one way out. Forever Curious… Read More Editorial Review – Forever Curious

Editorial Review – A Boy Like You and Me

  Title: A Boy Like You and Me Author: Eva Maria Schwarz-Pretner Illustrated by: Fatima Aldarmaki Genre: Children’s picture book   A young ordinary boy–“like you and me”–learns that he has the extraordinary ability to wish for things that come true. He wishes for a neck as long as a giraffe so he can see past the tall woman… Read More Editorial Review – A Boy Like You and Me

Editorial Review – The Simple and Easy Manager

  Title: The Simple and Easy Manager: What Managers Need to Know Before They Need to Know It Author: Ned Parks Genre: Non-Fiction   This is a short, entertaining read for professionals of all walks of life, whether one is a manager of a company or handles just one’s own “life.” The author uses the fictional story of… Read More Editorial Review – The Simple and Easy Manager