Editorial Review – Season of Waiting

  Title: Season of Waiting Author: Jim Christopher Genre: Thriller / Suspense   Caleb Allard, an accountant living in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico, has stage-four pancreatic cancer. At this point, there is nothing the doctors can do for him, so he arranges his medically-assisted suicide, the Final Release, in an effort to spare his… Read More Editorial Review – Season of Waiting

Praying For a Miracle When it’s Hopeless – Blog Tour

  Author: Isabella Milan Book title: Praying For a Miracle When it’s Hopeless Genre: Memoir/Inspirational Publish date: November 2019   Blurb: Praying for Hope when it’s Hopeless is about my physical, mental, and emotional struggle with Stage 4 Breast Cancer while going through a gut-wrenching divorce, and a fight for custody of my son. In 2004 and 2005, I… Read More Praying For a Miracle When it’s Hopeless – Blog Tour

Editorial Review – Manage My Emotions

  Author: Kenneth Martz Title: Manage My Emotions: What I Wish I’d Learned in School about Anger, Fear and Love Genre: Self Help   This thoughtful book examines a range of emotions including anger, fear, love, joy, grief, and compassion, offering a variety of tools for successfully navigating these common experiences and improving one’s life… Read More Editorial Review – Manage My Emotions