Editorial Review – Lingering


Title: Lingering

Author: Melissa Simonson

Genre: Science Fiction


Lingering is a story about a grieving man trying to move past the death of his murdered fiancée. One day, while visiting her grave, he meets a woman who offers him the chance to speak to her again. When he finally gets desperate enough to take this woman up on her unusual offer, he then has to face up to the consequences which threaten more than just his own psyche.  

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Editorial Review – Revolutionize Your Health


Title: Revolutionize Your Health: How to Take Back Your Body’s Power to Heal

Authors: Cornelia Merk and Janet G. Nestor

Genre: Non-fiction


Revolutionize Your Health provides an in-depth guide for taking control over our own physical and mental well-being. Synthesizing ancient wisdom, global practices, and modern science, the authors discuss the basic principles of healing and the importance of holistic awareness, which is a mind-body-spirit connection. Throughout the book, easy-to-follow exercises are provided to bring the information to life.

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Editorial Review – Entertainment Fundraising


Title: Entertainment Fundraising

Author: Brian Carpenter

Genre: Non-Fiction / Fundraising / Non-Profit


Fundraising is made easy in Entertainment Fundraising, an informational handbook that breaks down how to incorporate entertainment in a fundraiser. Centering the author’s charity and entertainment service, this guide promises to help in organizing a flawless promotional campaign or fundraising event that will bring in donations, sponsors, and happy guests.

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Editorial Review – Dancing with Death


Title: Dancing with Death: An Epic and Inspiring Travel Adventure

Author: Jean-Philippe Soulé

Genre: Adventure / Travel / Memoir / Non-Fiction


In this diary-style memoir, Dancing with Death follows two men on an experience of a lifetime.

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The Arrival of Missives – Book Review


Aliya Whiteley’s short novel begins with the sentence ‘I cannot sleep’ and ends with a stirring declaration of intent. In the hundred or so intervening pages we follow the development of Shirley Fearn, a schoolgirl who nurses a love for the teacher at her village school, the appropriately named Mr Tiller, who has been horrifically wounded in the First World War, recently ended (‘He isn’t a real man, of course, not after that injury’, says a village gossip).

Shirley’s relationship with Mr Tiller, the exact nature of his injury and what it portends, and her own growth into awareness form the backbone of the novel, which is set in an isolated English rural community. Continue reading The Arrival of Missives – Book Review

Editorial Review – Empathy Deficit Disorder


Title: Empathy Deficit Disorder: Healing from Our Mix-Ups about Work, Home, and Sex

Authors: Jacqueline Acho and Eva Basilion

Genre: Non-fiction


Empathy Deficit Disorder is the result of research that examines long-held assumptions about work, home, and gender roles in American culture. Through their analysis of those assumptions, the authors have come to believe in the power of empathy, the ability to understand the emotions of others. They believe that our society’s general beliefs and daily practices demonstrate a lack of empathy that, if not addressed, will cause our country to remain divisive and divided.

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Editorial Review – Lost: A Blood Inheritance Novel


Title: Lost: A Blood Inheritance Novel

Author name: M. Ainihi

Genre: Fantasy


This fast paced sequel to Rise continues the story of Amanda, a young woman with demonic ancestry who can control shadow magic…if she dares.

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Editorial Review – On a Cold Day in Hell


Title: On a Cold Day in Hell

Author: Stephen Parkes

Genre: Non-fiction / Memoir / Legal Thriller


On a Cold Day in Hell opens with Parkes committing a crime for which he is arrested and sent to jail. The majority of this book takes place there with Parkes awaiting sentencing and the impending threat of his transfer to prison.

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Book Review – Kiss of the Fey


Kiss of The Fey by Charlotte Cyprus

Kate’s rating: 3 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I was given a reviewer’s copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Kiss of the Fey by Charlotte Cyprus is a fantasy romance novel that follows the relationship of King Xenos and Johara, an illegitimate princess of Blairford. It contains all the key elements of fantasy and romance: magic (in the form of fairies and warlocks), curses, sword fights, and steamy intimacy.

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