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“The Book Review Directory’s Editorial Reviews are exactly as advertised. They provided me with an insightful, unbiased review of my book with honest feedback that I can’t always get from friends and family. The ‘money’ quotes and exposure that they promised exceeded expectations as well.

Communication was prompt and courteous, and the review came in well before the estimated date. The BRD is great to work with, and I will definitely avail myself of their services again in the future!” -Scott M. Madden, author of The Mouse Thief

“The Book Review Directory provided me with a professional, thoughtful review, one that I am proud to display on my Amazon sales page. Having such a well-written and honest review ready to post at the same time my book was released has helped boost sales and gives my book a valuable credential.

The turnaround time was great, and Ryan Lanz is professional and courteous. Thank you!” – Martha Reynolds, author of Villa del Sol

“I reached out to Ryan Lanz and his team for an editorial review of my book.  I didn’t know what to expect while waiting for a response to my initial contact, but didn’t have to wait long.

What followed was quite amazing.  Ryan reached out to me to ask a few questions and I sent him a .pdf of my book.  After a few more emails back and forth he gave me a hard date as to when I could expect the review.

The review came back earlier than expected and I was quite blown away by the conclusions and observations that were made.  No one on the team knows me personally, and yet, they nailed the perspective I was coming from and who my audience is intended to be.

Their review was thoughtful and professional in every way.  It provided an overview to readers in several ways that I hadn’t considered which I am quite grateful for.  It also gave me some unbiased feedback that I am planning to use to improve my writing moving forward.

I highly recommend this group for this service and am looking forward to having Ryan and his team review my future work as well.” – Rio McKee, author of Real Raw Hope

“Ryan is truly wonderful to work with. He goes the second mile and advocates his clients like no other I’ve worked with. I highly recommend his services.” -Julieann Dove, author of Searching For Sarah

“As a writer I not only want people to read my work, more importantly, I want them to identify with and recognize the purpose of my writing. The Book Review Directory’s review of my Novella did exactly that.

I felt as though my goal had been accomplished. The review was written in a concise and objective manner and covered not only the central theme of my story but the complexities of my characters. The advice that was offered to me was right on target and caused me to begin a short rewrite which I know will improve my narrative overall.” -Lewis P. Horwitz, author of The Necklace

“I’m so glad I found this site. The editorial reviews are insightful, astute, and extremely affordable. I am totally satisfied with the quality of the reviews I received and would wholeheartedly recommend this service without reservation.” – Jean B. MacLeod, author of The Waste Wise Kitchen

“Ryan Lanz provides great customer service and more. As a writer himself, Ryan Lanz knows what writers need most — exposure, exposure, exposure.– Pam Lazos, author of Oil & Water

“The Book Review Directory’s Editorial Review services are a wonderful asset for writers. Imagine having an unbiased review of your work. You will no longer have to wonder if the opinions you receive from your inner circle are sincere. BRD’s reviews are honest and affordable!” – Kelly J. McMullin, author of With Eyes Wide Open

“I recently self-published an anthology and was needing an editorial review service.  After investigating my options via search engines and various writing blogs, I found The Book Review Directory in a Goodreads thread. 

After looking over the website and evaluating their previous editorial reviews, I decided to give them a shot.  Because I had negated to secure an editorial review prior to releasing my book, I decided to utilize their expedited review option.  I can honestly attest that The Book Review Directory met or exceeded all my expectations. 

Not only was my review ready ahead of the quoted date, it was in-depth and informative, as well as honest and critical, as any good editorial review should be.  Further, the response to my questions even after the review had been posted was timely and very appreciated. 

The best compliment I can give The Book Review Directory is that I will be using them for my future writing projects, and will recommend them to any fellow writers, as well.” – Abraham Lopez, author of Going Gone

“The Book Review Directory offered an unbiased, thoughtful review. Having feedback from someone other than family and friends gave me further insight into my work.  The review was honest and will be used to improve my writing.

The turnaround time was great, and Ryan Lanz is professional and courteous. All I can say is that BRD is a service I look forward to using again. Thank you!” – Nia Markos, the author of Elements

“I was so glad to discover the BRD’s editorial review services. Their fee was very reasonable, and they were friendly, quick to respond, and helpful in answering my questions. I was pleased with how the review came out weeks in advance of the date I had been given. It was clear that the reviewer had read my memoir in its entirety, was attuned to its themes, and gave it considerable thought.

The analysis was thorough, and actually gave me additional insights! I was able to choose pertinent paragraphs to post on my Amazon page. I highly recommend this service.” – Anne Bernard Becker, author of Ollie Ollie In Come Free: A Memoir of Swallowed Time

“Book Review Directory provided a fair and timely review for my debut novel. It was clear the reviewer carefully read the book and weighed the pros and cons of the plot, characters, and overall story against other books of its genre. In all respects, it was professionally done, and I have included it on my book’s web site, Amazon page, and Facebook entry.” – Dave Cohen, author of Executable File

“Yeah, yeah, I know, get all your friends to write 5-star book reports, all the cool kids were doing it – but I wasn’t interested in that. I wanted to hear some solid, honest critique, kind of like when you get a tattoo on the back of your head and you want to make sure the artist didn’t make it lopsided. Not that I have any tattoos on the back of my head, yet, but I digress – sometimes art needs reflection, so that you can find the parts that are not great yet, and fix them.

That’s exactly what I got from my editorial review and blurb coaching – a friendly mirror showing me what I’d overlooked, and what I got right the first time. I’m very happy with this service and will probably be returning in the future.” -Charon Dunn, author of One Sunny Night

“The Book Review Directory is an efficient and professional organization.  It provides you with an honest, thoughtful, and timely evaluation of your book and features it on its website in an attractive manner.  Moreover, it’s not a one-shot deal; after the initial launch, the review and cover remain available to visitors by scrolling down the website. “ -Charles Ameringer, author of The Sons of Hernan Garcia   

“BRD provided me a fast, professional review of my book; the feedback, good and bad, will be valuable in writing my next book. I highly recommend them.” -Ned Parks, author of The Simple And Easy Manager

“I had good feedback for my picture book from readings in kindergartens and preschools; however, I wanted to have a professional opinion and that is what I got from The Book Review Directory.

Ryan Lanz provided an excellent in-depth analysis of my book which I now use in the editorial review section of my amazon book page. I will definitely consult him again with my next book.” –Eva Maria Schwarz-Pretner, author of A Boy Like You and Me

“BRD is a writer’s friend.” – Kelly J. McMullin, author of With Eyes Wide Open

“Authors, in the impossibly competitive book publishing world, a Book Review Directory evaluation will spotlight your book, getting your work noticed in a cost-effective and effective manner. Don’t hesitate. Book your review today. You will be happy that you did for many tomorrows to come!” – Christopher Stone, author of The LGBTQ Meditation Journal

“Ryan is a pleasure to work with.” -Diamante Lavendar, author of Breaking the Silence

“BRD site provides a great help for writers. Their Editorial Book Review service is welcoming, affordable, fast and highly professional. Many thanks, Ryan Lanz, much appreciated.” – Leora Zairi, author of Deserving Good

“The Book Review Directory provides a valuable service for writers. The editorial review they did on my novel “Revoked” was thorough and detailed, economical, and completed way ahead of schedule. I believe that having the review of my book on the BRD website has increased its value and marketability.” – MK Pachan, author of Revoked  

“After launching my latest book, Yes Means Yes: A Novel, Book Review Directory reached out to me and offered their book review services. I was impressed by their promise of a thorough and professional review of my book for a reasonable fee. The review was completed ahead of schedule, well-written, and obviously objective.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.” – Steven M. Wells, author of Yes Means Yes

“As an author of the recently published technology book Enterprise Digitization Patterns, I was looking for a credible, unbiased review–a constructive critique of the good and the not-so-good of the book for my readers. I turned to The Book Review Directory’s editorial review service. I was not disappointed in what I received. They were professional from the word go as they set clear expectations on what I would get from their service.

As my book is in the technology genre, I liked the fact their editorial review appealed directly to the readers of the book in a “no-nonsense language,” i.e. what the book delivers, the key constructs of the book, the delivery of key constructs with some details, the type of audience who can get the real value of the book and more importantly, what the book can improve on. 

I would use The Book Review Directory again for my next published book!” – Srikanth Narasimhan, author of Enterprise Digitization Patterns

“The Book Review Directory was everything they claimed to be!  Not only did they offer a fair review, but the turn around was excellent.  I was able to pull several quotes to help promote my books.  I’ll definitely use their services again, and highly recommend them. ” – C. J. Bahr, author of Walking Through Fire

“The Book Review Directory is an incredible platform for which to launch your newest novel. Ryan and the team are 100% professional and offer independent authors a direct avenue to connect with today’s readers and reviewers. The investment is worth every cent!” Tom Ryerson, author of That Brant County Sound: The Ballad of Jim Allison and Thunderbird Recording

“The Book Review Directory  reviewed my second book in my series, The Brotherhood of Merlin, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was concise, detailed, and full of great “money quotes” I can add on my Facebook, AMS ads, and author page. I recommend his book review service to all authors! Well worth it.” – Rory Nelson, author of The Brotherhood of Merlin: Lycenea

“The Book Review Directory gave my debut novel, Rise, a professional, honest, and insightful review. My reviewer went into detail on the storyline, character development, and plot without giving away too much detail.

I highly recommend The Book Review Directory. Not only are they affordable, they also went out of their way to provide great customer service.” – M. Ainihi, author of Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel

“As a recent recipient of an editorial review from The Book Review Directory for my novel Daintree Denizens, I can recommend their service as a reliable, honest, and affordable platform by which to obtain an industry review.

In these problematic times of flagrant false reviews appearing all over the internet, it is refreshing to experience a professional and honest approach to reviewing a manuscript.” – Josef Peeters, author of Daintree Denizens

“Book Review Directory’s Editorial Review service is second to none in [the] literary world. I’d recommend it to all indie authors everywhere. It’s the best promotional investment you’ll ever make!” -SG McCloskey, author of Citizens Not Slaves: Blood on the Butcher’s Apron






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