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Here’s where you can submit book quotes to be posted on The Book Review Directory. It’s an opportunity to get the word out further about your book to my near 10,000 subscribers and followers.

PLUS your book quote posts will be blasted out to my social media accounts on TwitterFacebookTumblr, and Google+.

Here’s an example of how your post will look.

Please fill out all the information below. Due to a large amount of volume, I won’t be able to email you back with a date on when your posts will go live. With a website of this size, I generally work ahead with a queue system, so it’s tough to get specific. The best notification is to be a follow/subscriber of BRD so that you’re notified by email when a new post is issued. With that said, I try to put these posts ahead of the general ones so as to get them out at least a little bit quicker.

With the large response we’ve been receiving lately, the queue for these Book Quote posts is about 2-4 months out.

If you’re interested in the paid version of the Book Quote Corner posts, rather than this free promotion, it adds a book cover image to the post, a quicker turn-around (3 days), and you’ll be told the exact dates of your posts ahead of time.

Please make the quotes a maximum of PG-13 in content and language. I don’t accept erotica-related books. Spicy romance is fine. The quotes may be trimmed for length.



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