Style Guide


Below is the book review style guide for The Book Review Directory. Following the guidelines puts your post in the best position to be accepted and well-enjoyed by this website’s readership.

Your posts should be:

  • Broken into short-medium paragraphs. Walls of text can be intimidating.
  • Concerning a book review of any genre except for politics or erotica.

At the end, insert 4 spaces down, then your ending credit. Feel free to write that as you wish and include your website/social media links. Please keep that to 2-4 sentences long (a medium-sized paragraph). Start it with “Guest review contributed by…”

If you have section headers in bold, give it an extra space down from the previous paragraph.

You won’t be able to add any pictures/images to the article. That’s okay. I’ll add them after you’re finished.


Here are some examples of how your post should look:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4