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Whether it’s Amazon’s Kindle format or Smashwords “Meatgrinder” format, your book is most ideal to readers when it reads well and looks good. Anything that detracts from a happy reader is bad for business.

We will format your book for either Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo’s Aura, Smashwords “Meatgrinder,” Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and/or print. Pick one or more of these below to determine your pricing.


Our service includes:

  • Setting up your book’s front matter (title and copyright page)
  • Setting up the back matter (links to other books, bio, etc.)
  • A linked table of contents
  • Adding/verifying chapter breaks
  • Removing tabs, if necessary
  • Keeping your italics, bold, strike through, and underline intact


Rates in USD:

Concerning eBook formatting only:

Choose from these formats: Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo’s Aura, Smashwords “Meatgrinder,” and/or Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Depending on how many you choose determines the rate in the above table.


Concerning print formatting only:

 – Up to 100,000 words: $110 

 – 100k-160k words: $150


The above pricing does not include special projects, such as poetry books, guidebooks, cookbooks, etc. A formatting service does not include book cover creation. The author supplies all wording. We work off of Microsoft Word documents that the author provides us. The formats we return are in their respective Word documents, formatted for the venue you prefer. 

Payment can be made in virtually any major currency, and Paypal will convert it for you. Paypal invoices can be paid via any major credit card or by Paypal transfer.


Please fill out the contact form below to get started. We look forward to working with you.





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