Book Sales Page Critique


Are you missing out on book sales?

I think every author has asked this question at least once. You may be thinking that you aren’t receiving all the sales your book deserves. You’re not alone.

According to Forbes, between 600,000 and 1,000,000 new books are published every year. Your book has to compete with all the new books published yearly in your genre, as well as the ones that are currently on the shelves, digital or otherwise.

How do you combat the competition? We believe the answer is honing your book’s sales page to make it as purchase-able as it can be. These days, readers need to be compelled to reach into their pockets. That’s where we come in.

BRD did an extremely helpful, fair, and objective book cover and blurb critique with a different approach. Within 1 day of updating the cover info and blurb, I already had a sale. Highly recommend this service!” – Jan L. Mayes, author of Regretfully Invited


There’s a lot more people visiting your book’s sales page than you might think.

You know exactly how many people have purchased your book, but not how many have visited its page. For every person who has purchased your book, there is a large amount of people who visit your page and move on without buying. Those are lost sales, and it’s bleeding your bottom line.

Every author experiences this. It’s nothing unusual. The question is, what is your conversion rate? How many potential customers are passing on your book? 

Let’s say that 100 people a month visit your book’s sales page, which isn’t hard these days, especially considering keywords and any amount of marketing you do on your website or social media.

BRD’s sales page critique addressed not only all my concerns about the blurb, but included other areas like reviews, bio, and book cover. The critique was concise, but thorough, and delivered in a manner to inform and educate. I highly recommend the service.” – Felicia Reevers, author of In the Best Interest of the Child


For easy math, let’s say that out of 100 visits, 5 people a month buy your $3.99 book. That’s 5% conversion. Imagine if, by using our experience and critique comments, you’re able to increase that conversation to 8%. After you calculate the 70% royalty, that’s a bonus $100.55 per year in your pocket.

Or perhaps you have a reader base and great keywords, and your book’s sales page receives 1,000 clicks a month. Let’s say we help you raise the conversation from 5% to 8%. After you calculate the 70% royalty, that’s a bonus $1,005.50 per year.

You just gave yourself a raise by changing a few things one time (with our help).

I highly recommend this service to everyone; whether you’re struggling with your book page or not, BRD’s insights are honest, fair, and based on their knowledge and research of what today’s book buyers want to see. Will use this service again for future projects!” – E. Paige Burks, author of Return to Royalty          [Read more testimonials here]


Rate: $40 USD for a 3-5 page critique of a book’s sales page, delivered within 1 week.

Optional Rush Job: 5 day Delivery: add $8

Optional Rush Job: 12-48 Hour Delivery: add $20

If you bundle more than one book sales page critique together, each critique will be reduced by $4. They must be included in the same order to generate the discount.


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While this service can provide your book with all the tools needed for growth and profitability, no entity can guarantee a certain amount of sales as a result.