Book Sales Page Critique Testimonials


This page contains testimonials for the Book Sales Page Critique service.


“As an indie author with little marketing experience, I’ve struggled with book blurbs and descriptions. I’ve read many blogs and articles on how to do it and changed my sales channel blurb multiple times with no success.

“Ryan Lanz did an extremely helpful, fair, and objective book cover and blurb critique with a different approach. Within 1 day of updating the cover info and blurb, I already had a sale. Highly recommend this service!” – Jan L. Mayes, author of Regretfully Invited

“Even after reading books and blogs on writing appealing book blurbs, I still wasn’t comfortable with my book’s sales page. Ryan Lanz’s sales page critique addressed not only all my concerns about the blurb, but included other areas like reviews, bio, and book cover. The critique was concise, but thorough, and delivered in a manner to inform and educate. I highly recommend the service.” – Felicia Reevers, author of In the Best Interest of the Child

“The Book Sales Page Critique service from Ryan Lanz is fantastic! Writing a catchy description is hard enough, and Ryan’s tips are extremely helpful. There were quite a few things that I didn’t consider until I read his suggestions, and I hope that implementing them will help boost my sales and page views. His suggestions helped to streamline the description and to make it more “reader friendly,” especially to readers who may otherwise not take the time to check out my books.

“I highly recommend this service to everyone; whether you’re struggling with your book page or not, Ryan’s insights are honest, fair, and based on his knowledge and research of what today’s book buyers want to see. Will use this service again for future projects!” – E. Paige Burks, author of Return to Royalty

“I used BRD’s blurb coaching services and sales page critique, both of which were beyond helpful. Their services were brilliant, thorough, accommodating, and helped maximize the potential of my novel. In addition, the friendly staff went above and beyond their expected duty and seemed to become personally invested, randomly checking in to see how my sales page ended up. I’d highly recommend them to any author trying to sell their product.” -Dwayne Gill, author of Written By Blood