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Here’s where you can feature your work on The Book Review Directory (Option A from the Advertisement Page). It’s an opportunity to get the word out further about your book to near 10,000 subscribers and followers.


This includes two permanent posts on The Book Review Directory:

  • Both posts include a quote from your book, featured in a book quote post (example here). They include book covers (whereas normal book quote posts don’t). A link to purchase your book is provided.

Each post will generate a social media shout-out on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+.



  • The above two posts will be scheduled and added to the queue within three days: $5

Important: In the “note to the recipient” in Paypal, please make sure to enter in the author’s name and book title. If you don’t, I won’t be able to match the payment with your submission form.

**Once you’ve ordered, fill out the submission form below.**

The payment method works with either credit cards or Paypal transfer.

If you want to create another order for the same book again down the line, sure, that’s just fine. Just make sure they’re new/different book quotes.

Please make the quotes a maximum of PG-13 in content and language. I don’t accept erotica-related books. Spicy romance is fine. The quotes may be trimmed for length.



“Ryan Lanz provides great customer service and more. As a writer himself, Ryan Lanz knows what writers need most — exposure, exposure, exposure —and he provides it with advertising opportunities that reach many readers all at an affordable price.” -Pam Lazos, author of Oil & Water

“BRD is a writer’s friend.” – Kelly J. McMullin, author of With Eyes Wide Open

“Ryan is a pleasure to work with.  He makes it easy to keep track of ads and he is also affordable.  His sites are a great way to do some extra advertising.” -Diamante Lavendar, author of Breaking the Silence

“Advertising on The Book Review Directory has been amazing. Ryan is truly wonderful to work with. He goes the second mile and advocates his clients like no other I’ve worked with. I highly recommend his services.” -Julieann Dove, author of Searching For Sarah

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A few things to consider:

  • Due to the nature of this paid content, they aren’t affected by ad blockers, giving your advertisement “a leg up” on your competition.
  • All amounts are in USD and only received via Paypal (credit cards are accepted via Paypal). International customers are welcome. Paypal changes over the currency automatically.
  • I reserve the ability to turn down or refuse advertisements or images that I don’t feel are a good fit for this website.
  • No erotica will be accepted.
  • While exposure is guaranteed, a certain number of sales are not guaranteed. The mileage can vary depending on the type of book/service, description, and quality of the cover/image.
  • Cover images and/or descriptions regarding nudity, adult descriptions, or vulgar content will likely be turned down.

To proceed, click the order link above, then fill out the submission form below. I look forward to being in touch with you.



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