The Book Review Directory is about doing three things:

1. Getting your book reviewed: if you’ve written a book (indie or traditional), a great way to get the word out about it is to have book reviewers review it and discuss it with their blogging audience. It can be a chore to research book reviewers, so The Book Review Directory does the legwork for you! We feature both Editorial Reviews and normal book reviews. For the latter, just check out the list and find the reviewers that are right for you, then simply message those reviewers individually. The use of the directory is absolutely free.

2. Finding you a great book to read: according to Forbes, between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books/ebooks are published every year in the US alone. Finding a book to read is easy, but finding one to fit your tastes might be more of a challenge. A great (and free) way to sample a book is by reading a review. The many book reviews listed here are the perfect way to find them.

3. Helping book review bloggers find readers: the internet is a big place! To gather an audience for much of anything online is a challenge. The Book Review Directory can help to showcase review talent and help readers to find your blog/website.


Until then, enjoy a random selection of book reviews on the home page. Check it out! We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.








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  1. Hi, Thank you for liking my review for the book ‘The Alt-Worlders’. This is a great site, I didn’t know you existed until you liked my post, such a great idea :).I was looking into joining your list, it’s such a shame I didn’t check in the day I posted the review (march 9th) as you’re currently closed?
    I do need a bit of time to add an author submissions page but can I ask…Does this mean that I shouldn’t submit the form until April?


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