Keepers of Peace – Editorial Review


Title: Keepers of Peace

Author: Jonathan Michael Erickson

Genre: Science Fiction


In Keepers of Peace, three strong women take on one of the most revolutionary historical events in the Milky Way galaxy. In this third installment in the Song of Ancients series, three women from Andromeda are on a mission to go back in time—to the exact time before the collapse of the Galactic Bridge. Talia, the wise elder, Tamreh, the relic carrier for Osiris, and Anka, the relic carrier for Ouroboros, intend to contain the relics on the Earth that could destroy humanity’s future forever. 

Everyone in Andromeda is aware of the Galactic Bridge collapse, being a pivotal part of human history. Andromeda was cut off from Earth and what happened after remained a mystery. The relic carriers are taking a risk by going back in time in the attempt to subdue the catastrophe that is destined to happen. In Keepers of Peace, the relics take center stage once again, this time as the key to keeping the peace. 

The book immediately brings you back into the universe with an introduction of our favorite characters from the series. Combined with a subsequent action-packed scene on Earth, these introductory scenes set the tone and garner excitement for the entire book. 

Because the book is set in the past, the shift in time influences not just the environment and the people that Anka, Tamreh, and Talia encounter, but it also influences their individual relationships with the impending events of the future. There’s a mix of mystery and foreshadowing all happening at once that amps up the drama, emotions, and intensity. As the tragic events start to unfold, the pressure builds for the women to find and contain the relics at the heart of the destruction. 

The Song of Ancients series is known for its lengthy novels. Unfortunately for Keepers of Peace, the lengthiness worked, in some ways, against it because it signaled to the reader that there was, inevitably more to the story. The novel’s lengthiness indicated that the conflicts would eventually be resolved more in this book. Especially in this novel, where the stakes were higher than they’ve ever been, the tension could’ve been raised even more if the book was a bit shorter.

The book largely focuses on Anka’s perspective, who shoulders the weight of the responsibility to contain and handle the relics. Anka is still haunted by the ghosts of her past and the trauma she’s collected from her journey as a relic carrier. In Keepers of Peace, readers get to connect with Anka in a deeper way. Her guilt and shame surrounding her past reach a climax, and readers will sympathize with her more than ever before. 

The first two installments in the Song of Ancients series included a lexicon with unfamiliar terms for the book. This third novel did not have a lexicon, and though there weren’t necessarily new terms that make one necessary, including one with relevant terms could serve readers who may have forgotten some details or terminology from the past books. 

Erickson has truly created a masterful universe for the Song of Ancients series. Each book is transformative, deepening the lore and fleshing out the characters, and Keepers of Peace is no exception. Keepers of Peace will remind readers once again of the thrilling adventures, dynamic characters, and compelling plot in the Song of Ancients series. 



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