Ready… Set… Frog! – Editorial Review


Title: Ready… Set… Frog!

Author: Katharine Mitropoulos

Genre: Picture Book


Ready… Set… Frog! by Katharine Mitropoulos tells the story about young Frog and how he wants to win the town race. He sets out to practice, but every time he tries to do so, someone else needs his help. Being the kind frog he is, he stops and helps his friends, but he gets frustrated when he realizes he hasn’t had enough time to prepare for the big race day.

Ready… Set… Frog! is a delightful children’s story, ideal for either young independent readers or for parents or teachers to read to their very young children. It teaches important lessons that all kids would benefit from in the setting of a fun and straightforward story. Parents, caregivers, teachers, and grandparents should choose this book because it has the added value of teaching them besides mere entertainment. Like Frog is helpful and kind toward his friends, children (and everyone) should treat others with respect and kindness, but the important balance is to also not neglect our own needs. Frog was so busy helping others that he didn’t take the time to prepare for the big race, so it’s a good reminder to young readers and listeners that they can also prioritize their needs and wants sometimes. In the end, the balance of both is best.

The language is clear and concise, the lettering big and easy to read. In addition to the black font, some of the words are written in larger red font that stands out and adds to the text’s meaning. Reading the story out loud, a parent or teacher could embellish the red words, like Frog’s name when someone calls him.

The repetition of Frog trying to practice for the race, only to get interrupted, and then helping a friend happens three times. Repetition is used to great effect in this book and is often a practical method in children’s books to teach lessons.

It’s clear Katharine Mitropoulos has written children’s stories before, and if she hasn’t, then she has the talent for it. She knows how to keep the story both short enough to keep a kid’s attention but long enough to create a brief conflict that is resolved in a kid-friendly way.

The illustrations are bold, stunning, and whimsical. Children will be drawn into Frog’s world by the full-page pictures. At twenty-one pages, the book is a decent length. Even younger children will be able to keep their attention on the story long enough to hear how it ends.

Perhaps one or two more instances of Frog having to help a friend in need could expand the lesson even more, as the story does move rather fast, but again, balance. Since this is a children’s book, it shouldn’t run too long.

Ready… Set… Frog! tells a fun tale that teaches important lessons about balance in life to kids. Parents and teachers alike will enjoy reading this story to children because it has value and entertainment. Colorful and lovely artwork adds to the story, and children will be sure to read and reread this book to enjoy its delights.



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