Kanata Waltz – Editorial Review


Title: Kanata Waltz

Author: David Gauthier

Genre: Autobiography



Kanata Waltz is a memoir that takes us through author David Gauthier’s life. Gauthier reflects on the hard times, the sentimental times, and some of his most special and impactful memories.

The memoir opens with a touching introduction that immediately shows readers one of the most powerful displays of vulnerability and authenticity in the book. A heartfelt tribute to Gauthier’s mother, the introduction clues us in on the making of the book and the author’s relationship with his mother. We wish we could have seen more memories of the author and his mother throughout the rest of the book, which would have helped the introduction have even more depth and impact.

At first glance, the writing style may seem casual, but upon closer reading, readers will find that the lax style is genuine to Gauthier, highlights his true voice, and allows him to stay true to himself. Though non-traditional, readers will catch on to the writing style quickly and easily find the unique rhythm of the author’s voice.

The author’s memories from childhood are some of the most moving sections of the book. They are even more emotional than some of the adult memories because there’s a reminiscent and nostalgic tone, but there’s also sadness and tension. It is a gripping opening to the book, and we were hooked to continue reading.

Though it’s clear each memory was chosen with intention, at times they are presented as a recap of life events instead of a cohesive story. Incorporating a central image or symbol that repeats throughout the book and links each memory together would create a more cohesive story.

One of the most impressive feats Gauthier accomplishes is showcasing a tremendous amount of character growth in only 196 pages. As a reader, it’s heartwarming to watch the quiet little boy at the beginning of the book evolve into an effusive, reflective grown-up by the end. With a fully developed character arc, readers will connect with the story on a deep level and reflect on their own memories from their past, especially because the author’s story isn’t contrived or embellished. It is down-to-earth and relatable.

The book focuses heavily on romantic relationships. Gauthier explores the impact these relationships have had on his life with raw emotion and brutal honesty. Even if the relationships aren’t perfect love stories that end in a happily-ever-after, they’re shared with passion and depth. Overall, the relationships do monopolize quite a bit of the timeline, and, at times, they feel repetitive. Shifting the focus to different areas of the author’s life more frequently would have helped change up the pace of the book and maintain intrigue for the reader.

In Kanata Waltz, Gauthier’s honest, raw account of memories of love and loss leaves the reader with a resounding feeling of hope. Filled with heart, soul, and a healthy dose of Canadian pride, this short memoir is full of lessons learned about love, loss, and grief. Both a memoir and a coming-of-age story, Kanata Waltz will speak most deeply to readers fascinated by real-life accounts of everyday people.



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