Inspired, Not Retired – Editorial Review



Title:              Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son

Author:         Dr. Burl W. Randolph Jr.

Genre:           Biography


In Inspired, Not Retired, Dr. Burl Randolph Jr. combines leadership insights taken from a military career spanning three decades, with guiding principles that he learned from his father, and packages them in an informative yet emotive book.

Inspired, Not Retired is written in a practical, approachable style that involves the reader on a personal level. The sharing of intimate memories enables the reader to feel an emotional connection and, consequently, an implied sense of trust which reinforces Dr. Randolph Jr’s. advice in the reader’s mind.

Burl Randolph Sr. instilled a healthy work ethic in his seven children and he did so with unconditional support and love. Inspired, Not Retired partly serves as a tribute to him and his mentorship. There are some touching anecdotes, and the elder Randolph’s wisdoms are the highlight of the book.

Inspired, Not Retired is clearly laid-out, and the chapters target a quality that can be applied to leadership, such as patience, planning, and humility. The lessons are separated into three sections in each chapter: Insight, Inspiration, and Application.

In the “Insight” paragraphs, Dr. Randolph shares a reminiscence of his time with his father where a moment occurred or knowledge was given, which illustrates the concept. This is then processed and assessed by Dr. Randolph in “Inspiration”. Also, in “Application”, he writes how he applied what he learned to his life and career. Toward the end of the chapter, this is distilled into easily digestible statements or questions to reflect upon. The straightforward structure helps the reader mentally consolidate the lessons and consider personal focus.

None of the ideas discussed are overly-complex, which is refreshing. It enables the reader to easily evaluate the meaning and individual purpose behind the words.  They are, on the whole, simple homilies which, in the course of modern life, people tend to stray from. While Inspire, Not Retire will not educate the majority of readers, it will certainly re-educate and re-invigorate sentiments potentially hiding in plain sight in every reader’s life.

It is abundantly obvious that Dr. Randolph has considered his reader in the construction and nature of the book. Inspirational memoirs can sometimes come across as dense and lofty but Inspired, Not Retired is not one such example. There is a respectful, almost humble, tone to the prose which is immediately engaging. The inclusion of a goodly number of photographs is a considerate touch providing further relatability for the reader, and the notes pages were equally thoughtful.

The influence of the military on structuring and cementing Randolph Sr’s., lessons is paramount. At times, the prose could use more life when his career is discussed, and occasionally there is digression in some of the personal stories that slow momentum. The book also has an overabundance of exclamation marks throughout, which could detract from the experience with some readers.

Notwithstanding, Dr Randolph Jr’s achievements are impressive. He comes across as a man who conducts himself with the utmost commitment, sincerity, and decency, which is a testament to his upbringing. The clear-eyed, professional evaluation that he brings to his father’s sound, homespun philosophies ensure that the teachings of Inspired, Not Retired have broad appeal. The fundamentals can be applied to most scenarios or roles in life, not just those of leadership.

Inspired, Not Retired is an uplifting and thought-provoking book, brimming with integrity and usefulness. It is written in a clear and accessible manner that successfully weaves personal insight with objective assessment to provide the reader with beneficial and adaptable lessons.



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