Editorial Review – With Eyes Wide Open


Title: With Eyes Wide Open

Author: Kelly J. McMullin

Genre: Mystery


With Eyes Wide Open by Kelly J. McMullin is an exciting and thrilling mysteryThe story focuses on the main character, Sam BrodieShe is the Police Chief of Cherokee FallsDuring a ground-breaking ceremony, she plunks her shovel into a buried skullThis launches into an investigation into the death.

Sam solves that mystery quickly and it turns out there was actually no foul playIt could seem like the story ends there, but this was just a prelude to the real excitementSam quickly interrupts an armed robbery and in doing so solves a case she has been working onSam carries out her Police Chief duties and solves several other problems around town.

It quickly becomes clear that Sam is a strong, lead, female, character and one awesome Police ChiefAs Sam’s story unfolds, the audience is also introduced to some secondary and supporting charactersHere, McMullin’s skills really shineEach character feels important and their stories are emotionally gripping, no matter how small their role is in the overall story.

Sam’s family is comprised of her husband (Liam) and daughter (Bridget)Sam is supported in her work by officers, Emily and AdamAs well, there are some interesting townspeople and friends introduced.

After the introduction to the characters, the real mystery startsSam discovers an actual, recently, dead body, well-hidden at a local hotelThe scene has some bizarre cluesSam starts gathering evidence and launching into her investigationShe first has to find the identity of the victim, which is Grace Romano.

As Sam investigates, she starts uncovering potential culpritsOne is Grace’s romantic interest, a Senator named Robert O’RourkeHis possible motive—Grace was 12 weeks pregnant and perhaps he wanted her out of the pictureSam continues her investigation, attempting to assess O’Rourke’s involvementShe finds more evidence, further implicating him in the crime.

The investigation hits some snags because of O’Rourke’s status and connectionsHowever, Sam persists and continues to work the caseShe finds the evidence she needs and moves to make an arrestHowever, more problems, including legalities stand in her way.

Here, McMullin shines again. He has led the reader in one directionIt seems the answer has been given and some loose ends just need to be tied upHowever, it turns out, in true spectacular mystery-form, the audience has been led astray.

As the real culprit is revealed, there is more intrigue and danger for SamThe audience is taken on ride through more moments of heightened emotionOf course, you will have to read the book to learn all the answers and see how the story resolves!

With Eyes Wide Open is a great readThis story involves interesting and engaging charactersThis book could easily compare to a season of Fargo or The KillingIt has the same slow-building feel that pulls the audience along, trying to solve the mystery—definitely screen-worthy. In the meantime, With Eyes Wide Open is highly recommended if you want to spend the day reading a compelling mystery story.



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