Editorial Review – Cruising from Boston to Montreal


Title: Cruising from Boston to Montreal: Discovering Coastal and Riverside wonders in Maine, the Canadian Maritimes, and Along the St. Lawrence River

Author: Sunny Lockwood

Genre: Travel Memoir


Cruising from Boston to Montreal by Sunny Lockwood (with contributions from her husband, Al Lockwood) is a travel memoir or travelog of their cruise along the Maritimes and up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City and Montreal. Their travelog includes several details of their experiences on their trip on both the ship and in the cities they visited, as well as the history of those places.

Sunny Lockwood writes with fun, interesting detail, which brings her experiences alive for the reader. Because of the richness with which she describes the various places she and her husband visit, we feel like we’re traveling with them and aren’t merely receiving facts. The author has a special ability to interweave history with the present day, which, if a traveler is looking to go deeper with their travel experiences, then Lockwood’s travel memoir is a solid book to provide that information. It’s much more than a website or a pamphlet about Canada’s eastern seaboard.

In addition to the keen details, the author’s husband provides sections of his commentary, which enriches the text. They record their emotions about some of their misadventures, including bad weather or humorous experiences, like the ship staff celebrating their anniversary when it wasn’t actually their anniversary. The reader feels like they’re sitting over dinner or at a coffee shop with good friends after they’re returned from their vacation and are recounting their trip. The authenticity of Sunny and Al Lockwood’s experiences is fresh.

Throughout the text, Sunny and Al Lockwood provide stunning original photographs. These photos enhance the narrative and display their talent with the camera.

Lockwood also provides history lessons in a unique context. Of particular interest for this reader was Halifax’s involvement in the recovery of the victims from the Titanic in 1912, and only five years later, in 1917, how a tragic explosion, due to a ship carrying dynamite and catching on fire, destroyed much of the city and killed and injured thousands.

The author even provides an update in the back of the book due to COVID-19. It’s an unfortunate loss that the pandemic has altered so much in our lives, including travel. The cruise ship they rode has since been sold, and some of the places they visited have permanently closed. This is a sobering reminder to enjoy life every day and to savor its experiences.

A few sections were somewhat redundant, repeating some of the same information, but this could simply be due to the fact that the author traveled the cruise in both directions, therefore getting the chance to visit each place twice.

Sunny Lockwood’s travel memoir provides an enriching experience for any reader looking to learn more about the eastern Canadian seaboard and some of its inland cities along the St. Lawrence River. Cruising from Boston to Montreal is only one of many travelogs by the Lockwoods, so if a reader is interested in knowing more about the Lockwoods’ travels, they are sure to find another interesting, regaling read. Travel enthusiasts will enjoy this detailed and authentic travelog.




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