Evolution Ended – Editorial Review



Title: Evolution Ended: The Next Stage of American Society

Author: J. J. Jerome

Genre: Non-Fiction / Politics / Social Science


Evolution Ended: The Next Stage of American Society explores the transformation of human adaptation, interaction, and connection. This deep-dive on evolution and how it has manifested throughout history will be a fascinating read for those interested in learning about how modern life, with all of its positive contributions, may pose a threat to the advancement of the human species.

The book opens with a glimpse of the 60s in the United States, which is used as a marker to describe when the “best” of times began morphing because of technological advancements and drastic cultural shifts. With inventions like the birth control pill, Jerome presents data to support American’s shift in values away from creating a family, and how this causes a ripple effect in our society.

Using examples from music, art, TV, politics, and, of course, science and technology, the book explores so many facets of American life and the many factors that contribute to our interpersonal dynamics. We get a full, 360-view of what is impacting our experience when relating and connecting with people in this new world we live in. Since the book is U.S.-centric, it will likely lend itself best to American audiences.

A unique element to the book is that there are single, standalone sentences sprinkled throughout each chapter that serve to help the reader understand the overall takeaway of the section in a short, simplified way. These one-liners are punchy, attention-grabbing, and effective in boiling down complex ideas in layman’s terms.

The book’s writing is clear, the information is digestible, and the tone, while pragmatic and leads with data, is also approachable and conversational. Though the topic may sound daunting and serious, the way Jerome presents the scientific and historical facts are not intimidating nor daunting. Readers from all generations and belief sets can expect a neutral voice guiding them through this complex topic.

Though the book only looks at U.S. culture, it would have been interesting to expand on the fact that, while Americans are procreating at a lower rate than previous times in history, the global population is near 9 billion. Exploring how—and why—these two facts coexist and if they have any effect on each other could’ve expanded this conversation even further.

In addition, we are left with more questions than answers at the book’s conclusion: are we better off reverting to the ideals of times before, when family was prioritized? Or can we navigate our individualistic society so that we won’t become avatars in the Metaverse? Though there won’t ever be a one-size-fits-all answer, exploring ways to mend the gap between human connection and the ever-changing demands of the modern world would have added a deeper layer to this examination and expanded the conversation beyond what simply “is.”

Evolution Ended is a fascinating deep-dive on how evolution works in nature and how it translates to our modern world. Tying together science, history, politics, and pop culture, Evolution Ended examines how social and technological advancements have disrupted the idea of a nuclear family, and how they have changed the pillars of traditional American ideals. With engrossing case studies and compelling data, Evolution Ended opens up a conversation about the state of American society and what the future may hold.



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