Do Nothing – Editorial Review



Title: Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller

Author: Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.

Genre: Mystery / Fiction


Natalie Costa is a tough-as-nails Manhattan D.A. who is accosted by an assailant in her apartment. Her demise is unconscionably brutal. Detective Griffin Knight finds himself as the primary investigator on the case. The evidence at the scene calls to mind a previous serial killer that stalked the city but was never apprehended. While Knight investigates and consults a veteran detective on the previous case, potential victims are being stalked. As more bodies fall prey to a ruthless executioner, Knight follows any promising leads. Manhattan will not be safe until Knight puts the cuffs on this killer.

The plot unfolds at a breezy pace from the spine-tingling opening. Author Miguel Angel Hernandez adeptly sets the tone in how to keep his audience on an uneasy footing. The viewpoint of the narrative seamlessly shifts from victim to villain to the hard-charging detective. Tension is a near constant mindset throughout the story. The fear that grips the potential victims is palpable. The unknown characteristics of the killer give them a more menacing quality with every appearance throughout the book.

The tracking of an unknown subject (UNSUB) as a serial killer has been written about in countless books, such as Silence of the Lambs. However, the crucial part of this story lay in the chase between the investigator and the suspect. Detective Knight has to play catch up once he arrives at the first murder scene, the killer having struck and gotten away. The key to distinguishing this story from others lies in the method, means, and motive of the killer, along with the detective. Knight is a Detective willing to put in the legwork to track down a predator, no matter the cost to himself. The suspect is just as dedicated in the pursuit of his victims and when to dispose of them. The stage is set for an epic showdown where Knight and/or the killer may not walk away unscathed.

Despite the violent acts of the killer, the author is never gratuitous in its depiction. The killer strikes and the worst of their acts is left for the detective to relay in the postmortem. The true horrors are thus left for the reader to imagine, which makes this book more cerebral.

The brevity of the story may be the one true flaw in this otherwise fine story. Detective Knight emerges onto the scene, ready to tackle his next case. However, his backstory could be fleshed out a little more, especially as it relates to his previous precinct, from which he recently transferred. Knight is an astute investigator, and this is clearly not his first homicide case. The characteristics that would bring out the humanity in Knight and of his suspect get lost in the shuffle.

Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller shines as a high caliber mystery with more than the requisite share of thrills. The cat and mouse game that plays out between Detective Knight and his suspect makes this an unforgettable thriller. A fine book for a large audience.



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