Editorial Review: Karl’s Diary



Title: Karl’s Diary: It’s a Dog’s Life

Author: Sharon Winters

Genre: Memoir


Karl’s Diary: It’s a Dog’s Life by Sharon Winters shares the day-to-day life of a special and spoiled dog named Karl. Told from Karl’s point of view, each diary entry gives the reader an inside look into what it’s like to be adopted, loved, and snuggled by his owners. Karl shares his favorite foods, lets us in on who he is dating, and reminds us of how important it is to love and be loved.

Karl’s Diary: It’s a Dog’s Life is a memoir told from a unique perspective of the dog. While we know a dog cannot literally speak and write his thoughts, no doubt the owner’s connection to Karl is so deep that they understand each other. Pets bring joy to a lot of people, and when an older animal is adopted to a forever home, a special bond is formed between owner and animal. Karl was a shelter dog and adopted in 2015 by the Winters. His golden eyes and chocolate-brown fur on his typical “love me” dog face as he gives anyone “the look” that says “love me” are infectious and irresistible.

At around ten thousand words, Karl’s Diary is an easy and quick read, but it is one that will tug at the heart. For anyone who has ever loved and lost a beloved pet, they will be there right alone with Karl for the journey, grow attached to him, and laugh and cry with him. Many people will contest that there is nothing quite like a dog’s love. They are loyal, always there to greet us, and work their way into our hearts, couches, and beds, whether we want them shedding fur all over our blankets or not.

Winters has included several pictures of Karl throughout the little book, which add to the story. We see him curled up asleep in his favorite spots, some of which are forbidden, but he gets away with it because he is adorable. He kids about dieting and blames it on his uncle Marty giving him too much good food, but all is done with kindness and in a joking spirit. We feel for Karl when he has to watch his mom leave, and he wonders when she will come back…and if she will come back.

The diary entries are often short and are somewhat repetitive, but a dog’s life is pretty simple and straightforward. A lot of sleeping, eating, walks, and petting are part of his life, so when Karl reflects on the deeper meanings behind all this surface-level stuff, we appreciate his profound ability to see what matters at the heart.

At times, the entries skip forward several months or even a year, which can feel choppy and cause the reader to go back a page or two to ensure they did not miss anything. Even a dog cannot be expected to write in his diary all the time, however. He is too busy chasing squirrels or sleeping off the exercise.

Karl’s Diary: It’s a Dog’s Life is a sweet, tear-jerking memoir about a special dog named Karl. Even though Karl’s owners, the Winters, had the pleasure of keeping him as their pet, Karl will feel like he is part of the reader’s home before the pages are done turning. For dog and animal lovers everywhere, Karl’s Diary is a must read.



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