An Unexpected Find – Editorial Review


Title: An Unexpected Find

Author: Hayleigh Sol

Genre: Romance


Dr. Sophie Grimaldi swore off dating a while ago. She now prefers her romantic stimulation in book form. When picking up a much-awaited release at the local library, Sophie finds a hastily-written love scene penned on a yellow piece of scrap paper stuffed inside the book. She quickly reads this scene, judges it for the callous, boarder-line misogynistic encounter that it is, and rewrites it, placing the paper back in the book.

Having been scorned by his last relationship with a money-sucking harpy, suspense author Jackson “Jax” Rowland has unknowingly been channeling his hurt emotions into his book’s female characters. When he is tasked by his publisher to create a more relatable romantic liaison to attract female readers, he realizes he may need some help.

A small piece of paper and a whole lot of fate bring Sophie and Jackson together as they craft their love story, not just within Jackson’s book, but for themselves, as well.

An Unexpected Find is a sweet, steamy romance that is quick and easy to read. Readers should be aware that there is significant focus placed on the sexual encounters Sophie is hired to create for Jackson’s novel. If readers are uncomfortable with graphic descriptions of this nature, discretion is advised.

The majority of Sophie and Jackson’s early interactions revolve around the creation of love scenes. Not only will readers enjoy the developments between Sophie and Jackson, but will also love following the dynamic relationship of the main characters in Jackson’s book. The reader will experience a novel within a novel, two love stories for the price of one. In a creative twist, Jackson’s action-packed story line balances and enlivens the mundane, but sweet, romance between Sophie and Jackson.

Jackson is immediately someone readers will relate to. Despite the lackluster and callous love scene he pens at the beginning of the book, he takes Sophie’s notes to heart and sincerely wants to improve. His humility and honesty are amiable qualities that shine through his interactions. At one point in the book, he gets angry and displays some stereotypical male hot-headedness, but it is by no means unreasonable. He is a likable character that readers will root for throughout the book.

The ending of this story may leave some to be desired. Although it should not be considered a cliff-hanger, readers should be cautioned that it does not wrap up as succinctly as other novels in its genre.

Although the beginning of the book features overly-long sentence structure and more than a few run-on sentences, the overall writing style improves as the book progresses. Despite a few instances of awkward sentence structure, the style is engaging and easy to read, incorporating witty and realistic dialogue between characters.

Readers will enjoy this sweet, steamy love story and will be charmed by Sophie and Jackson’s will-they or won’t-they romance. The parallel story line of Jackson’s suspense novel provides an exciting source of adventure for readers to dive into. The comedic near-misses of Sophie and Jackson’s meet-cute are sure to bring out a smile.



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