Reach – Editorial Review


Title: Reach: Maximize Your Potential and Live Your Best Life                

Author: Nate Thurgood  

Genre: Self-Help    


In Reach, Nate Thurgood has brought his considerable expertise and experience from the high-level corporate world to devise a personal growth program, enabling readers to fulfill their potential by focusing on five key areas, core goals, and the assistance of a tailored support group.

The root ideology of Reach is not necessarily original, as the setting of “core vision” goals and support to achieve those is a fairly straightforward idea, but common sense is often lost in the stresses and procrastination of daily life.

Thurgood is excellent at recognizing this, sharing his Damascene moment which led to the inception of Reach and being frank when discussing the challenges of family life.

Throughout, Thurgood’s language is transparent, precise, and has a strong motivational quality which is never patronizing or unduly simplistic. It’s extremely readable and, consequently, easy to engage with Thurgood’s guidance.

There is also a gentle reassurance and positive tone to the chapters which never feels forced. The reader is genuinely made to feel as if they are alongside Thurgood in their Reach journey, as opposed to being instructed or preached to.

This subjectivity is helped by Thurgood’s openness of how he has implemented Reach to cope with, and overcome, work/home demands. It’s clear that Thurgood possesses excellent self-discipline and time-management skills that have been enhanced by the clear, streamlined nature of the Reach program.

The chatty candor provides a level of credible intimacy which is immediate and relatable. This is nicely complemented by a small, targeted selection of personal photographs.

The “five focus areas” in which Thurgood recommends goal setting to pursue personal growth are relatively obvious, yet, in reality, are often incredibly difficult to concentrate upon.

The ethos behind Reach is nicely basic and realistically practical, which is refreshing. Thurgood is adept at pointing the reader in the right direction and suggesting pinpoint workarounds to individually tailor the Reach plan.

This singularity of focus on one life area, and consequent tenet of the Reach program is emphasized by the book’s meticulous layout and technically flawless content. The chapters are short and succinct, making it easy to maintain perspective and attention.

The “chapter highlights” box consolidates and encourages, breaking the advice into relevant bullet points. The “Additional Materials” section at the end has been carefully considered and thoughtfully prepared, especially the self-assessment questionnaire. It is interestingly comprehensive but not overwhelming or superfluous.

Nonetheless, it does take a while for the fundamentals of the program to be fully explained but Thurgood is clever, utilizing his corporate background to ensure that Reach is branded in an efficient yet subtle way through the book. This provides quiet incentive and inspiration, without becoming too contrived or overly enthusiastic.

Notwithstanding, there is occasionally an air of exclusivity. It could be leveled that the basics of the Reach support group, while uncomplicated, are a little too Utopian in approach and may invite further or wider issues than intended.

However, it is a thought-provoking and interesting idea that, in the right setting, or with creativity, could be utilized to brilliant effect. Thurgood shows how adaptable Reach is, and the simplicity of the concept completely supports and enables this flexibility.

Reach is a slick, professional self-help manual that has a wide application due to its adaptability and clarity. Thurgood’s infectious self-belief and confidence in the framework he has designed make for an insightful, accessible, and investable tool to assist in continuing personal development.



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