The Seasons – Editorial Review


Title: The Seasons: The Story of Spring

Author: Anna Garnet

Genre: Children’s fantasy


The Seasons: The Story of Spring by Anna Garnet is a children’s book that follows the story of the four Seasons siblings: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. When Spring goes missing mysteriously one day from their kingdom, they must travel throughout all the other kingdoms on Lunora to find her, lest winter continue forever.

At around 5000 words, The Season: The Story of Spring is a multi-chapter children’s book suitable for preschool to younger elementary children. It is a delightful book for parents to read to their children at bedtime, and the narrative is illustrated with colorful, dynamic pictures to bring the story alive even more. Anna Garnet, for this being her first children’s book, writes with an easy-to-understand voice that will keep children and their parents alike engaged in the story.

As the Seasons siblings travel to the Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Space Kingdom, and such on the mythical world they inhabit, we meet several interesting and fun characters and discover this new world. The author has done a splendid job with world building and creating a fantasy realm that children will no doubt want to dream about visiting.

The book is also educational. Not only will children learn about the seasons, they are also introduced to different types of weather, plants, and animals. When a book can teach without feeling like it’s forcing education on children, such a story is a gem. Children absorb many details and learn best through fun activities or unforgettable stories, and Garnet’s book provides such fodder for parents and educators. In a world where there are many choices for children’s literature, Garnet’s first book stands out as a worthy one.

There are no villains or scary elements in The Seasons: The Story of Spring, so parents don’t need to be concerned about violence or themes that may give their children nightmares.

Each of the Seasons siblings has a defined and distinct personality that goes well with their name and season. That all works together well and shows metaphorically how the four seasons must change for the earth’s natural cycle every year and how each brings something vital to nature’s rhythm. The narrative also teaches children valuable lessons of teamwork, everyone having a voice, and caring for each other.

The Seasons: The Story of Spring is the first in a series, so parents have future releases to look forward to. The author was thoughtful to provide a whole series to complete the Seasons, thus giving children further adventures to enjoy.

While the main characters are well developed, many of the minor characters in the other kingdoms are only mentioned for a few pages. While this is understandable, to enhance the reader’s engagement and deepen the story, more dialogue between the Seasons siblings and the minor characters may prove beneficial. The current narrative is light on dialogue when the siblings visit every kingdom and interact with its inhabitants. The reader enjoys this world and would like to get to know some of its characters better.

The Seasons: The Story of Spring is a gratifying journey for both parents and children. Anna Garnet’s children’s book will teach and wow children with its engaging narrative, fun characters, and colorful illustrations. Children will be asking their parents to purchase the next book in the series because they enjoyed The Seasons: The Story of Spring.



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