Endow – Editorial Review


Title: Endow: A Blood Inheritance Novel

Author: M. Ainihi

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy


It is said that the planet was created from celestial beings, triplets who established seven realms and separated each one to keep the peace. But now the barriers between the realms are weakening, and chaos is threatening to consume everything.

Endow, the third in M. Ainihi’s Blood Inheritance Quartet, picks up where Lost left off and follows Amanda, Emily, Kiami, and Justin as they search for answers to their unknown heritage, the strange gemstones which appear to strengthen their powers, and the one behind it all, the one causing dreadful things to happen wherever they go, the one they call the puppeteer.

Although the book includes sufficient information to remind readers of events that occurred in the previous books, Rise and Lost, it does not provide a holistic recap, so this book is best read after reading its predecessors.

Endow is a dark fantasy novel which will appeal to young adult and adult readers alike. With each chapter switching between the perspectives of Amanda, Emily and Kiami, readers will enjoy getting to know each of the girls as they reveal their personalities and confront their demons. At times, the characters do not get along. They hide secrets from one another and disagree frequently. But narrating from different perspectives provides readers with each character’s side of the story as they learn to understand one another and work together.

Endow is not a simple book. Its storyline runs deep, and its characters are filled with multi-faceted emotions stemming from complicated relationships and histories. In part, this story is about learning to acknowledge and address those emotions which is what makes the book so dynamic, especially for young adult readers who would be eager to relate to these strong, adventurous, but flawed, teens.

The premise behind this book is unique and creative. M. Ainihi balances the fantastical dimensions of the world with half-human characters, creating relatability and allowing seamless introduction of the more magical aspects of the story. Readers will enjoy learning about the origins of the planet and how it ties into what lies in store for the protagonists.

Although the book ended in a solidly concise resolution that set up the premise for the fourth book in the series, Resist, some of the steps it took to arrive at that conclusion were somewhat unclear. It would have been beneficial to provide a brief summary after the final confrontation to solidify the reader’s understanding of the key explanations and connections that had been revealed up to that point.

With a clear writing style that flows easily, M. Ainihi takes readers on an immersive journey through the seven realms as the teens seek to identify and stop the puppeteer in its tracks. M. Ainihi balances quick, action-packed fight scenes with dynamic dialogue in this epic tale of magic, darkness, and secrets. Readers of all ages will discover what it means to rely on teamwork, work to understand those around you, and find your inner strength in this work of young adult fantasy.



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