Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night – Editorial Review


Title: Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night

Author: Mina Raye

Genre: Paranormal Romance


In Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night, two worlds collide. Sacha is the heiress of a mob empire. Fin is a wizard from a different planet. When the two meet, they discover they’re total opposites, but can’t get enough of each other. The result is an irresistible love affair that changes their lives forever.

The daughter of Chicago’s King of Mafiosos, “Vicious” Vito Ninnette, Sacha is forced into an arranged marriage. Frightened by the older, slimy man she’s betrothed to, Sacha runs away the day of her wedding and seeks shelter in an old tower. Its owner, Fin, is a cranky, mysterious man that seems to hate Sacha at first glance.

That is, until he realizes who she is. Fin is a wizard from the planet Erbse stuck on Earth, and the only way he can get back is with the accompaniment of a princess. Sacha is the perfect fit, because her father just so happens to be Fin’s mortal enemy. But as the night progresses, the tension between the strangers turns erotic. Sacha and Fin’s dark pasts bond them.

Full of sexual tension, and explicit sexual moments, the novel features an endearing couple and their flirty, spicy romance that will make readers blush. The erotic romance is cheeky, fun, and never feels forced.

The plot is very character-driven. Both Fin and Sacha’s characters are well-developed, with their virtues and vices fleshed out. Emotional and relatable, the couple’s internal struggles are sincere and build the foundation for the novel’s storyline.

Though they have very different personalities, the two are immediately likable: Fin for his charm and cunning nature, and Sacha for her wit and inquisitiveness. The side-characters are also charming, funny, and add comedic relief to the intense mood the book sometimes has.

One of the best parts of this book is its surprising depth. Though it starts as a steamy romance, it evolves into a story about finding yourself. Sacha comes to understand that she must rely on and trust herself and no one else. Fin accepts and sees himself for who he is, without judgement.

But no one is better off alone. Instead, they help each other discover themselves, and become more open to giving and receiving unconditional love. These plot and character developments are natural and necessary to create a well-rounded story.

At times, the scenes are a bit too short. There aren’t many details given in terms of the plot, as the bulk of the book revolves around the characters’ relationships and their development. Although these short scenes allow the book to be an easy, fast-paced read, it does feel like the speed of the plot’s development is unrealistic.

With longer, more detailed descriptions and perhaps additional background information to provide context to the story, the book would have felt more complete. Unfortunately, because of how fast-paced the book is, the ending feels sudden and rushed.

As stated in the book itself, this book includes sexually suggestive language and adult content and is best suited for an adult audience.

Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night is the first installment in a series of sultry romances wrapped in a dark fantasy. A mature twist on the fairytale, The Princess and the Pea, Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night is sure to delight readers familiar with the old tale. For lovers of love, this book will satisfy readers’ fantasies of forbidden romances and teach them about the power of ascending your past.



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