The One Singularity – Editorial Review

  Title: The One Singularity Author: RD Palmer Genre: Science Fiction   The first in a trilogy that explores the socio-political consequences of technological advances in facial recognition, the internet of things, and allowing so much data to be collected via online applications, The One Singularity examines what it means to be human and what… Read More The One Singularity – Editorial Review

The Way to Remember – Editorial Review

  Title: The Way to Remember Author: Martha Reynolds Genre: Literary Fiction / Women’s Fiction   Robin Fortune, the 19-year old daughter of a wealthy real-estate mogul, is kicked out of college for dealing pot. With Robin’s favorite author, Maryana Capture, visiting her hometown’s bookstore at the end of the month, she becomes convinced that… Read More The Way to Remember – Editorial Review

The Lightning Horse – Editorial Review

  Title: The Lightning Horse Author: N.L. Holmes Genre: Historical Fiction / Coming of Age   The Lightning Horse centers Tiwatipara, a charioteer with a difficult past. Tiwatipara constructs and drives chariots for nobility. When his father and grandfather are in a freak chariot accident, ultimately killing his father, Tiwatipara swears that he failed in… Read More The Lightning Horse – Editorial Review

Utterly Amazed – Editorial Review

  Title: Utterly Amazed: Following the Call of God in Japan Author: Miriam Davis Genre: Memoir / Religion   Utterly Amazed is the memoir of an English teacher and missionary’s life experience working in Japan. As a young woman questioning her faith and future, Miriam Davis experienced what she interpreted as a personal and professional calling, and she… Read More Utterly Amazed – Editorial Review