Useful Quotes – Editorial Review


Title: Useful Quotes

Author: Ali Zokaee

Genre: Quotations / Self-Help


Useful Quotes is a collection of quotes that provide insight and advice to survive the trials and tribulations of life. The collection is split into two sections, the first contains quotes written by Zokaee, and the second contains quotes from other sources. This collection of valuable advice is filled with hundreds of quotes that can be applied to the simplest or most complex problems.

The collection’s introduction provides some context and background on how these quotes will best serve readers. Including the author’s inspiration for the quotes, or highlighting specific quotes that have unique stories or lessons behind them, could garner even more interest and resonance with readers who are looking for similar inspiration.

Many of these quotes contain rich advice in a short and easy-to-understand format. While many of the quotes address similar themes, each individual quote carries its own unique interpretation of the overall message. This is helpful, because readers have the chance to understand the advice through different perspectives without having to decode complicated language or conflicting messages.

The collection is well-organized, the quotes flow together cohesively, and the larger themes threaded in the quotes are focused and consistent. The format also gives readers the freedom to peruse the collection at their own pace. One of the strongest elements of the collection is that every quote builds on the quotes that precede it. By the end, readers will feel like they’ve developed just as the material does over the course of the collection.

Although the short-and-sweet style of the quotes gives readers the chance to think for themselves and apply the quotes to their own unique situations, some of the quotes need more context to get their message across. In most cases, the quotes that are accredited from other sources can be researched and explored in their proper context. But for Zokaee’s quotes, without context, they run the risk of losing their impact. Lengthening some of the quotes could have helped flesh out their deeper meanings and allow readers to fully resonate with their messages.

In addition, some of the quotes lack nuance. For example, quote #215 says, “At any age, make the specific mistakes for that age. At twenty-five, make twenty-five-year-old mistakes. At forty-five make forty-five-year-old mistakes. But if you make a twenty-five-year-old mistake when you are forty-five, then you are a failure.” Concluding the quote with an absolute statement like “you are a failure” may not only isolate some readers, but it also does not get to the core of the advice, which in this case is self-awareness and growth. Quotes like these would benefit from language that is more open-ended and inclusive for readers in all stages of their self-development journey.

One of the most impactful quotes in the collection is from Zokaee’s section, quote #47: “Sometimes you don’t know what you want, but you always know what you don’t want. Close your eyes and ears and go the opposite direction of what you don’t want.” The advice to tap into our intuition and drown out the noise from the many distractions in life is encouraging, inspiring, and motivating.

Honest and straightforward, with a dash of dry humor, Useful Quotes lives up to its title to provide solid advice in its collection of quotes. Useful Quotes keeps its writing and style uncomplicated, making it a great fit for readers of all ages. Whether they choose to read the quotes individually or collectively, on their face or in depth, in times of strife or during periods of stagnation, readers can count on Useful Quotes to provide clear advice, perspective, and inspiration.



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