Deadly Serious – Editorial Review

  Title: Deadly Serious Author: A. J. Thibault Genre: Mystery / Thriller   Dan Goodis spends his evenings hustling as a stand-up comic and his days riffing on his material when he inadvertently stumbles across Prof. Aleksandr Vasinoff, a ground-breaking physicist now living as a hermit, who hands Dan a briefcase shortly before being brutally… Read More Deadly Serious – Editorial Review

Kenneth Chapter – Editorial Review

  Title: Kenneth Chapter  Author: S. M. Lambert Genre: Fiction    A red Ferrari, a violent delinquent, the sexy captain of the high school cheerleading squad, and lots of kickass karate: Charles Gill Jr.’s three-week adventure is a wild one. In Kenneth Chapter, sixteen-year-old Charles promises to make the most of his three weeks of… Read More Kenneth Chapter – Editorial Review

Can God Trust You With Trouble? – Editorial Review

  Title: Can God Trust You With Trouble? Author: Pastor Stanley Moore / Colonel Burl Randolph, Jr. Genre: Religion   Can God Trust You With Trouble? by Pastor Stanley Moore and Colonel Burl Randolph, Jr. asks a challenging question for the Christian believer in the midst of grief. In this book, Pastor Moore recounts the… Read More Can God Trust You With Trouble? – Editorial Review