Relics of Andromeda – Editorial Review


Title: Relics of Andromeda

Author: Jonathan Michael Erickson

Genre: Science Fiction / Space Opera


Anka Aelgon hears her name called in the distance. When she follows the voice, she finds something that can change the future of the galaxy. In Relics of Andromeda, Anka’s discovery of an ancient piece of technology forces her to embark on a grueling journey across the world away from the comfort of her tribe’s village. Anka’s strength, will, and faith are tested as she navigates the unknown and confronts the truth behind the powerful, dangerous object.

Few people are strong enough to resist the sensual temptations from relics–ancient, indestructible pieces of technology found in the Andromeda galaxy whose abilities defy the known laws of physics and can even manipulate human thought. When Anka is called to a relic, she knows she must tread carefully.

Anka struggles to resist the relic’s power as she heads to the city of Ankharra, the planet’s technology hub where the relics are safely contained and cannot harm anyone. But when she successfully arrives, changes have been made to the city’s handling of relics and Anka isn’t sure who to trust anymore.

The novel opens with a prelude that tells the cautionary tale about the first account of human contact with a relic on Andromeda. Intriguing and engaging, the prelude skillfully sets up the rest of the novel by providing important background information while also teasing readers with an alluring first look at the adventures ahead.

Trevor and Tamreh, Anka’s childhood friends who accompany her to Ankharra, have their own stories that are seamlessly embedded between Anka’s. Well-developed and entertaining, Trevor and Tamreh add excitement to the novel that will keep readers on their toes. Their drastically different personalities create tension and drama that is refreshing against the technical details of the novel and makes their stories more emotional and personal.

Not for the light reader, this hefty book is best for science fiction lovers who will appreciate the intricate details of the worlds Erickson has created. At times, descriptions and dialogue are lengthy. Though helpful in providing context, sometimes elements of the plot are drowned out by the abundance of information given at one time and these sections read as a bit long-winded and wordy.

Rich in color, character, and culture, the worlds in Andromeda will enchant and transport readers. Erickson creates species and societies that are imaginative and fascinating with their multifaceted, fully developed histories and customs. With vivid imagery and focus on sensory details webbed into the descriptions, the novel is connective and immersive.

One of the most captivating species in the novel are the ethereal Shoal, a shapeshifting species that primarily lives underwater. Scenes focusing on the Shoal’s complex spiritual traditions are some of the most creative elements of the Andromeda galaxy. Dream-like meditations and innovative technology prove Erickson’s talents in building fantastical worlds.

With imagination at its core, Relics of Andromeda is an adventure tale with all the excitement readers crave from their science-fiction favorites. Erickson’s whimsical creatures and tech-filled worlds are as enchanting as the mysterious relics they harbor. This adventurous beast of a novel will give sci-fi lovers their fill of exploration, action, emotion, and fantasy.



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