Written By Blood: Conviction – Editorial Review



Title: Written By Blood: Conviction

Author: Dwayne Gill

Genre: Action Thriller / Science Fiction


Written By Blood: Conviction follows Cane, an assassin who has broken free of the programming of Red Delta, the anti-terrorist government agency who raised him. However, Cane remains haunted by the sins of his past and struggles to adapt to his new life taking work wherever he can find it. Then, a mysterious informant reaches out to Cane to embroil him in a nationwide mystery.

Family men with no history of violence are disappearing, only to reappear unexpectedly to commit terrible acts, sometimes against their own loved ones. With the help of other associates from Red Delta as well as figures from his past, Cane must team up with a hunted college girl, break a dangerous man out of prison, and stop the attacks before it’s too late.

Written by Blood: Conviction‘s explosive opening sequence sets the violent, nail-bitingly suspenseful tone of the book. Author Dwayne Gill’s writing is tight and impactful, conveying much without wasting many words, and it pulls the reader along at breakneck speed. The narrative has a similar feeling to intense, mind-bending television dramas such as Alias or Fringe, and its plot twists are sure to keep readers guessing.

The novel’s focus on the new technologies present in the near future creates a crystal-clear vision of a world that feels not only possible, but likely. Intelligent homes, clean energy-powered cars, powerful micro-computers, and electronic mega-Gatling guns all play a role in developing the world where Gill sets his story.

Even more impressively, the author weaves competent commentary on possible changes in foreign policy, weapons manufacturing, and civil legislature into his novel, without giving in to the temptation to preach one worldview unilaterally. Questions about domestic terrorism, gun violence, and military rehabilitation programs are all elegantly raised without distracting from the exciting central narrative.

The broad cast of characters, many of which are entangled in secret espionage or double crosses, will offer a favorite character for any reader. The interpersonal intrigue adds a more intimate layer to a story concerned with assassinations, conspiracies, and spy rings on an international level.

While readers will immediately connect to Cane’s conversational voice and his impulse to protect the distressed and avenge the helpless, some readers may find themselves wanting to know more about the history and motivations of our main character. However, the tidy ending to this book sets up the possibility of a future series, so perhaps Cane’s psyche will be explored more in-depth then.

Readers would benefit from picking up the prequel duology of short stories that precedes Written By Blood: Conviction, but reading them isn’t a requirement for enjoying this book. Written By Blood: Conviction is perfect for fans of hard science fiction and spy thrillers alike, particularly action aficionados who enjoy the Jason Bourne series. In a genre where authors can sometimes forgo one for another, Gill ratchets up both the adrenaline and the suspense, weaving a tale that is sure to have readers coming back for more.




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