Interpol and the Circus Robberies – Editorial Review


Title: Interpol and the Circus Robberies

Author: Aaron T. Knight

Genre: Mystery / Detective


A series of robberies have sprung up across the globe that are categorized by several distinct commonalities. Huge mirrors are set up to re-direct and deceive. Smoke bombs are set off outside buildings to conceal the getaway. Fireworks create confusion and disorientation while a floor of roller bearings render a walking surface impossible to navigate.

Though the stolen cash and priceless valuables amounted to millions of dollars in liquid assets, there is not a single life lost or injury reported. Agent Larsson of Interpol is tasked with leading the investigation and brings on a series of colorful detectives from the target cities, each with special knowledge of the heists. While the detectives are busy bickering, the criminals are faced with the ultimate challenge: how to fly under international radar. And how to get away with it.

Interpol and the Circus Robberies is a crime detective novel about a series of unique international robberies investigated by Interpol. The criminals use precise timing and execution to forego the need for guns and violence. The robberies are comical in nature, incorporating a fun and light theme which puts an entertaining spin on a classic and familiar topic.

Each detective brought in from the various international cities were given a unique and detailed persona that brought each character to life on the page. At the beginning of the investigation, the Interpol agents bumbled and fumbled their way through a series of false leads and dead ends, to the point where their mistakes and missteps toed the line between incompetence and slap-stick comedy. A particularly enjoyable aspect of the book was the switch in point of view to the criminals behind the robberies early on in the story. That being said, once this change occurred, the detectives took a backseat when they could have played a much bigger role to showcase the personalities that were detailed so heavily at the beginning of the book.

The overall writing style left something to be desired. Minimal dialogue was incorporated to slow down the pace or allow readers to immerse themselves in the story. Though the point of view bounced between Agent Larsson and the Interpol agents to the circus robbery criminals, the writing style generally felt like a third-party narrator retold the entire book from start to finish, lacking some of the suspense and anticipation needed to grip the reader and pull them in. That being said, readers are likely to find the writing to be colloquial and comfortable in nature, making the book a quick and light read. The book could also use some additional editorial polish, which might be off-putting to some readers.

Aaron T. Knight combines a unique and lighthearted plot with a classic, international crime novel in Interpol and the Circus Robberies. The level of intelligence, attention to detail, and genial personalities of the criminals will have readers questioning who they should really be rooting for. Readers will find themselves itching for more details with this intricate and specialized brand of heist.



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