Black Moon: The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield – Editorial Review


Title: Black Moon: The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield

Author: Tegon Maus

Genre: Action / Adventure


In Black Moon: The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield, Tucker is once again thrusted into the world of the Kindred, a society of nine tribes, all with unique physical, cultural, and regional attributes. When the Kindred’s sacred ceremony ends in murder, Tucker attempts to regain some order in the chaos that has broken out. But he realizes too late that this action will bind him, at least temporarily, to the Kindred in a way no one expects. With no clue how to fix what he’s started, he sets out on a journey to right the wrongs the Black Moon has brought.

For the Kindred, the Black Moon, a solar eclipse that occurs every twenty-eight years, signals the largest ceremony of all nine tribes, the induction of the new Shalic, the highest leader of the Kindred. With Tucker’s arrival to the ceremony, he is introduced to all nine tribes for the first time.

Tucker’s encounter with the tribes turns sour when the current Shalic is killed during the Black Moon ceremony. No one knows who is responsible, but the knife used to stab the Shalic is from the Norha tribe, and chaos quickly ensues. In a fit of panic, Tucker reaches for the Shalic’s magical spear and crashes it to the ground, causing everyone to freeze. Unbeknownst to him, the spear only allows itself to be held by the Shalic himself– the spear has chosen Tucker to be the next ruler of the Kindred.

Readers will find the creatures of the nine tribes to be fantastically brutish, gentle, repulsive, and honorable, but the Kindred’s most fascinating qualities come with their customs and their histories.  

While some scenes of Tucker’s experience with the tribes are magical, intense, and unforgettable, others don’t feel quite as complete. Though the short, concise chapters aided in keeping up the pace of the story, at times it prevented intimate, vulnerable moments between characters to shine.

Overwhelmed, confused, and not wanting the job, Tucker is forced to accept the role of Shalic and decide whether the Norha are guilty of murder or are innocent, as they plead. A friend from the Jonda tribe, and a protector of the accused from the Norha tribe, accompany Tucker in his search of any insight on the murderer.

The three unlikely companions join forces and through their journey create their own kind of tribe for the misunderstood, the unlikeable, the undeserving, and the confused. All three characters are distinct, with dimensional personalities that, despite their faults, will win the hearts of readers. The more we learn about the three, the more relatable they become.

In Black Moon: The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield, empathy and pain burn through the pages as we get closer to knowing what it truly means to be a part of the Kindred. The creatures Maus created are unlike any other fantastical creatures, and with intricate histories that are heart-wrenching and reflective, readers will come to resonate with them. Ending on a cliffhanger that will make your stomach drop, this second installment of The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield series marks no sign of an end for Tucker’s involvement with the Kindred.




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