Editorial Review – Daily Service 3


Author: Bruce Dinsman

Title: Daily Service 3

Genre: Religion / Daily guide


The third in a series of daily Bible reading and devotions, Daily Service 3 takes readers through December, January, and February, covering 90 days in what seems to be a quarterly cycle of reading through the Bible in a year.

This volume wraps up reading the Old and New Testament through to Malachi and Revelations before beginning with Genesis and Matthew with the new year. Along the way and with every daily Bible reading, the author has supplied other verses that explore a particular theme or point for the day, rounding out the reading with gentle commentary that includes lyrics of familiar Christian pop or worship songs, reflections from his own life, and comments inspired by sermons or theological resources written by others.

The structure of the reading is such that readers will engage with both the Old and New Testament at the same time, even reading from three different sections of the Bible as Proverbs is read. The supplemental verses for each day continue this pattern, offering wisdom and insight while providing the author’s clear thoughts on which passages apply to modern believers and which are for the children of Israel. The pace of reading varies but generally covers three to four chapters a day, arranging them so that Jesus’ crucifixion is being read alongside the Passover lamb in Exodus, which offers a nice theological symmetry for analysis and commentary.

The author’s approach seems to be universal, his comments not contained to any particular denomination or Christian viewpoint, though he does seem to approach scripture in a literal way, aware of the need for correct interpretation while still valuing the inspired word of God along the way.

There are moments when the point for the day seems a little vague, to where the author has left it for readers to ponder and examine the main idea on their own instead of drawing it completely out into the open. In other places, there are a few redundant passages, where the same comments about a group of verses are repeated day after day while exploring a Bible study on those verses. The work as a whole could use a little more editorial polish in places, correcting misspelled words and ensuring that every chapter of the Bible is read, as there currently seems to be accidental gaps in the yearly reading.

These daily devotions offer something for Christians of all walks and experience levels, sharing from the Greek and Hebrew at times while also keeping each entry approachable and concise. Perfect for readers who are looking for a quick, thoughtful, and easy-to-follow guide in reading through the Bible for a year, this work offers a variety of Christian thoughts, showcasing a body of theology rather than just the author’s own opinion. The focus is primarily on the Bible itself and what it says, and while some Christians may not agree with certain interpretations or ideas included, the material is presented in such a relaxed manner that one can easily be blessed and encouraged without being forced to follow the author into any particular direction or belief.



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