Sands of Centuries Swirl By My Side – Book Quote Corner


Meadow of Imagination

Step into a meadow of imagination,
If ye dare,
Gracefully guided by a Maiden fair.
Winds whisk the woven silk grass,
Revealing an impression of beauty
Within beauty, a flawless lass.
Blink not for although this majestic
Footprint surely to last,
The initial moment is now but a memory
Of the past.
However, this being is for but one.
A lingering glance,
And ye shall risk the chance
Of an enduring endeavor;
An unrequited circumstance.
Innocent, yet un-tame,
An essence free from guilt and shame.
Enter my soul and reside within,
A tenure with eternity may now begin.
As midnight stars drift and become
One with the sea,
An incandescent beam
Shines from thy spirit to
Envelop me.
And unto thee,
I divulge a reservoir of
A thousand years of endearment
From lover’s long gone
And sonnets yet sung.
Each to intoxicate thee
As an Affaire de Coeur, just begun.
From the skies above to the
Sands below,
From a meadow of imagination,
A lovelier picture ye shall
Never know,
Of lovers enraptured within
Each other’s amorous glow,
A memory upon all so elegantly bestowed.


Tapestry of Harmony

After whom is life ultimately styled?
Why deny thy being the sincerity and
Endearment felt as but a child?
Are thy not but armoring
Thy innocent heart?
T’was perhaps, a love
Who did long ago depart,
Or perhaps, truly not
Given upon thy start.
Release, we shall,
Hampering hate and haunting pain.
Treat, we not, life with undeserving disdain.
Travel, we will, with our hearts
And give not into mockery and shame,
For we, as a race, are but one in the same,
As, clearly, a realization for all to glean,
One is not better than the other,
But rather we, each, create and
Follow an individual, unified, dream.


Wondering. Winds

Shall a flower
Drift from the waters
To me?
Shall the majestic moisture
In thine eyes
Revitalize kindred spirits
Seldom seen?
Shall the willow sweep
A mist from moisten clouds
Lingering low?
Shall the sparrow circle thee
‘Til garnished with
Autumn leaves a glow?
Shall a dawn from dusk
Brightly light
A hungered musk?
Shall wondering winds fair
Fragrantly refresh
Thy flowing hair?
Shall I, by you, sprinkle
My heart unbent
‘Til thy content?
Shall we now stop
What nature hath begun?
Fingers to lips;
Thy answer, not
—not ’til eternity’s done.


Author: Kathleen Byron Etzel

Book title: Sands of Centuries Swirl By My Side

Genre: Poetry

Publish date: 2/12/2020




Journey through a mythical, celestial world where spirits guide souls as they roam within the inexplicable quantum realm, with God, the Universe, and we, as part of a whole, are the complicated co-orchestrator of our divine fate.





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