Sands of Centuries Swirl by My Side – New Release Blitz


Author: Kathleen Byron Etzel

Book title: Sands of Centuries Swirl by my Side

Genre: Poetry

Publish date: 2/12/20




Journey through a mythical, celestial world where spirits guide souls as they roam within the inexplicable quantum realm, with God, the Universe, and we, as part of a whole, are the complicated co-orchestrator of our divine fate.



Story sample:

Why seek happiness In a perpetual future
When it does exist Presently in thy heart?

Why seek happiness
In a perpetual future
When it does exist Presently in thy heart?

Clouds of omnipotent magnificence
Swirl past my closed eyes,
Yet, not an inch moved, have I
As music from souls enters my ears;
My throat swells with empowering emotion;
My eyes, with the happiest of tears.
Before me shadows of many a faceless face
Quickly appear, yet swiftly disappear,
Flooding my vision with a rapidity of speed;

Sleep, my precious
While awake I lie,
Hand to chest,
Deeply, with joyful
Crushing emotions,
I sigh.

Wonder as we may,
An accusation shall not occur
Upon thy preconceived Judgment Day,
For question upon what basis life
Does base its controlling fears.
Turn thy eyes directed by
Leering peers,
For if thine heart truest shall be
Thy guide, upon a gift eternal
A spirit ought lovingly arrive
And direct a being in this life
Thee hath chosen to now survive,
Thus, returning thee to the beginning;
Concluding a journey of which
Thy entity eternal did Knowingly provide.




Author bio:

Kathleen is an emerging author of poetry and women’s literary fiction. Born on Long Island, raised in Westchester, NY, Kathleen now resides in Western Massachusetts with her incredible family. She writes transcendent works about the individual spirit, passion, and the power of positivity through contemplative thought.



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