Editorial Review – Business Coaching Breakthrough


Title: Business Coaching Breakthrough

Author: Elena Nugent

Genre: Non-fiction


Business Coaching Breakthrough is a beginner’s guide to starting and maximizing a business as a business coach. The book takes aspiring business coaches step by step through the do’s and don’ts of creating a business coaching program that will work for coaches and all of their clients.

This easy-to-read guide to entrepreneurial success is full of valuable information for entrepreneurs who need guidance in beginning or expanding their business coaching journey. The tone is encouraging and motivating, and everything is explained in an approachable, digestible way.

From start to finish, there are plenty of detailed tips on the logistics of building a business. The book explains the best ways to tackle the necessary, and often daunting, steps in creating a coaching program. Nugent includes helpful key terms that will help accustom readers with the language they will come across in their business ventures.

Though the overall approach is personable, the book does not heavily focus on the reader outside of being a business owner and is mainly focused on the logistics of building a business. However, the book ends with a nice personal touch. It rounds out with some in depth chapters on building confidence, having tenacity, and embracing the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

From the best business networking groups to tools used for successful email marketing to build clientele, Nugent provides many accessible resources where readers can implement steps that would seem overwhelming, but are made simple.

Some chapters have multiple pages of resources that are either organized in a long list or are paired with a small summary explaining their purpose. Though helpful, these sections are best used for reference material as opposed to reading material. Including an appendix with these resource lists could have been a more conducive, organized alternative to incorporating them in the chapters.

“Expert Tips” are sprinkled throughout the book—these are comprehensive, concise pieces of advice that are tailored to specific topics. In addition, there are helpful summaries and coaching assignments at the end of every chapter to help readers stay on track with their business goals.

The graphics and charts are also clean, legible, and easy to use. They are only used when necessary and break down the information in an organized, effective way.

Some of the most valuable information in the book is the very specific language that it provides for presenting contracts, writing emails, and creating website posts. For example, in chapter four, there is a complete template for a client contract which even includes language for the Terms and Conditions agreement.

With Business Coaching Breakthrough, entrepreneurs can get the business, resources, and clients they need to be successful business coaches. Perfect for beginners, the book practically holds your hand throughout every process, big and small. Whether it’s building a business from the ground up or looking for resources to better a coaching program, Nugent’s guide to business coaching is chock full of practical tips and productive systems that can be used to make any program a success.



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