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Kyle collapsed onto the high-backed chair behind the desk. He just couldn’t help it. Tears started pouring down his face, accompanied by loud sobs. He hadn’t cried a drop since the crash, not even at the hospital. It was possible he had cried on the way there, but he couldn’t remember. Not crying had made him feel so inhuman, as if he didn’t care at all. His sisters had no idea what he had been through. They might have done all the worrying when it came to the funeral and organising everything legally, but he had been there when it happened. They hadn’t even asked about it, nobody had. It was as if it didn’t matter; after all, he had survived, hadn’t he, with only superficial injuries.

It didn’t last long, the crying. The tears dried up after a few minutes, but he felt a lot better, sort of lighter.

He walked over to the sitting room and threw more coal into the fire. It was brightening up outside, but it was still stormy. The apple trees in the back garden were bending in the wind, young as they were. There were more memories right there, planted with the trees. He had helped his mother pick those trees in the garden centre and then plant them in the garden. Cassie had been the age when doing anything with her parents would have been seriously uncool, and Ciara had been too young. She had appreciated the help, although probably not the mess that he had made of his clothes. It had been worth it in the years that had followed. She had made lovely apple tart out of those apples – well, of the ones that weren’t too worm-eaten. She had never been a great gardener.

The front door opened up, and Wanda trotted to the hall to welcome the arrival. Soon Ciara showed up in the doorway.

“Can you turn that down?” she mouthed over the music. She had never shared his love for loud music. Kyle did as he was asked. She looked tired, although a happier kind of tired than she had been for the past week. Her make-up was smudged and her top was crumpled.

“I’m starving, do you want something?” she asked, wobbling her way into the kitchen in shoes that must have been uncomfortable to begin with. Why did women put themselves through all that pain?

“No, thanks.” Kyle sat down on the recliner and started mindlessly leafing through a TV guide. It was a week old.

“Has Cassie gone to drop Rob off?” Ciara asked, carrying a massive sandwich into the room.


“She’s taking all this really bad, isn’t she? She called me this morning and was screaming down the phone. It’s like we’re reporting to her now, huh?” Ciara’s mouth was full of sandwich, and it was hard to make out what she was saying. “I mean, mum was never like that.”


Author: Pamela

Book title: The Truth about Tomorrow

Genre: Coming of age

Publish date: 08/05/2019



If you knew the time of your death, would you accept it or run?

When Kyle French’s father and clairvoyant mother die in a car crash that he alone survives, the question haunts him. Through his grief and survivor’s guilt, Kyle looks for answers and tries to heal with his remaining family.

A story about the choice of either running away from your problems or making the right decisions to carry on, Pamela Harju’s debut novel is an emotional journey about coming of age and moving on even as your world collapses around you.

If you like strong characters, a distinctly Irish setting and a hint of the supernatural, buy THE TRUTH ABOUT TOMORROW and follow Kyle on his quest to find answers and happiness.



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