Before the End – New Release Blitz


Author: GJ Stevens

Book title: Before the End

Genre: Horror

Publish date: November 8th 2019


Digging up this once-in-a-lifetime story could have lethal consequences…

Jess Carmichael longs to break a news feature that will change the world. But the TV reporter never expects a mysterious telephone call from her ex to be the source. Rushing to a shady government facility, Jess struggles to believe the outrageous reports…

With her loyal camera crew by her side, the intrepid journalist arrives in Cornwall at her partner’s last known location. But when Jess pushes for access, she gets more than she bargained for. Still kept in the dark, she’s about to play a starring role in a twisted and grisly exclusive…

Can Jess expose a sinister cover up before millions fall prey to a zombie outbreak?

Before The End is the second and standalone book in the thrilling post-apocalyptic series In The End. If you like dark horror, fast-paced action, and bloodthirsty zombies, then you’ll love GJ Stevens’ high-stakes tale.

Story sample: 

The first I knew was the phone call from an old friend; my blood pressure calming when I saw it wasn’t the newsroom. I’d just arrived at my parent’s house mid-morning on Christmas Day and her picture smiling back with full lips and bright white smile felt at first like a season’s treat.

I pushed away any hesitation as our only Christmas together flashed into my thoughts, but as she skipped the festive greetings, that perfect day hurried from my mind. With her panting breath my heart rate climbed as she told me a story reminiscent of the TV horror series which had just finished its millionth season. Experiments gone wrong. People rising from the dead.

Invasion of the Bodmin Snatchers.

I could almost read my headline scrolling across the screen.

But it was a well-timed prank, the one day of the year my guard would be at its lowest.

I listened, amused throughout the short call. Her hurried tone told me it wouldn’t do to interrupt her tall story. But when I caught Jamie’s muffled words egging her on in the background, she’d lost me.

With true dramatic climax, a slap to the mouthpiece and what sounded like an over-dramatised fall to the floor, the line went dead before I could speak.

She was once my best friend and I hurried to collect my thoughts, trying to understand why she would do this on her first call in such a long time.


Author bio:

GJ Stevens started writing fiction at the age of thirty. Even as an engineer with a large family and a full time career with plenty of adult responsibilities, he has always had a creative side. After years of self-suppression, the flood gates opened and his novel In The End is the culmination of many years of finding time from nowhere to learn the craft.

Whilst working to independently publish and make a success of his novels, Gareth lays bare his publishing journey through his blog, drawing together advice and knowledge from those already in the industry.

As a lover of the outdoors, every year he spends weekends out in the desolate countryside of the UK hiking and camping with his long-time friends which he uses as inspiration for both his creative fiction works and the subject of many a blog post. GJ Stevens is on the beginning of his publishing journey and wants to share the highs and lows with anyone who will listen.



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