The Art of Hunting Humans – Blog Tour


Author: Sidney Mazzi

Book title: The Art of Hunting Humans: A Radical and Confronting Explanation of the Human Mind

Genre: Satire / Psychology

Publish date: Feb 5th 2019



Imagine there was an evil alien society that had this bizarre interest in hunting humans for leisure.

Now, imagine they prepared a full guide to teach their own kind how we think, socialize, and most of all, how to spot our weaknesses.

Finally, imagine that you got your hands on a copy of one of those guides. Wouldn’t you want to read it to understand if there really is a threat? If there was, wouldn’t you want to learn what the aliens know about us to better prepare to defend yourself and those you love?

The Art of Hunting Humans presents key aspects of the human mind. With straightforward language, weird metaphors and practical examples, it enables readers to understand human behaviour and evaluate their lives from an outsider’s perspective.

Designed to challenge rather than comfort, The Art of Hunting Humans sets itself apart from anything else written in its field. The result is a sceptical, radical explanation of the mind that provides extraordinary insights into the inner worlds of human beings.


Story sample:

Over the following chapters, we will explore human behaviour from an alternative point of view. It is essential that you alter how you view human beings. YOU MUST make something of a paradigm shift, which can be harder than you think. Forget everything you know about humans and start from scratch. To help you to change your mindset and attitude, we will start with some basic concepts.



Part I – WARM UP – THE ISOLATED CAPTAIN: To warm up (or sharpen your blade) we will discuss two very basic ideas. First we will quickly pass by the human communication system — which humans trust implicitly, and that’s a mistake. Secondly, we will expose how (and from where) humans perceive reality. You will start to see the difference between seeing and projecting reality, which is crucial for understanding your prey.

Interestingly, this understanding will allow us, for example, to demonstrate why humans are condemned to repeat the same mistakes time and time again.

Note again that the ideas we present here are basicbut crucial — a necessary foundation for you to build upon your understanding of the human animal. Having this solid foundation will pay off. Additionally, the whole thing will get more complicated as we move towards the end. Wait and see.

Part II – DIGGING DEEPER INTO YOUR PREY’S REALITY: To get a firm understanding of humans’ inner worlds, we dig into their reality — an essential theme of this book that permeates all parts. You will begin to see why warming up (sharpening your blade) was necessary.

Part III – BETWEEN REALITIES & DESIRES: After exposing the chaos that is humans’ perceived reality, we demonstrate how it spurs them on to act, one way or another, by delving into the roles of emotions and desires.

Part IV – WHAT DRIVES THE ANIMAL: You will learn to play with what drives humans: fear and vanity — all while appealing to your quarry’s self-interest. You will also see topics like How to choose your bait. Yes, here you will start to become the master puppeteer.

Part V – SECRETS BEHIND HUMAN IGNORANCE: Step by step, we demonstrate why humans are so clueless. You will discover that they build cages and feed internal ‘enemies’, that their lack of self-understanding plays into the hands of us hunters, and why it is nearly impossible for humans to spend time fixing their problems. We reveal secrets to control the enemies humans harbour within.

Part VI – SUPERIORS: Here you meet the SUPERIORS — creatures like no other. You’d better be ready!



Author bio: Sidney Mazzi is a problem solver for businesses and the founder of change management consulting firm Mazzi Limited. As a professional investor, Sidney has worked for over a decade in finance, investments and business strategy for private equity funds and their portfolio companies. He describes himself as ” an extremely sceptical executive.”

During his spare time, Sidney enjoys studying the intricacies of the human mind. And, by authoring The Art of Hunting Humans, he took on the massive challenge of writing a book about psychology, self-knowledge and wisdom that is fun and easy to read. Sidney currently lives with his family in New Zealand.


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