Rajani Chronicles III: War – Blog Tour


Author: Brian S. Converse

Book title: Rajani Chronicles III: War

Genre: Science Fiction

Publish date: July 12, 2019

Blurb: War!

James Dempsey’s team of powered humans are finally reunited, but the war with the Krahn Horde goes on. The Resistance fighters, made up of the Rajani, Sekani, and Jirina inhabitants of Rajan are slowly turning the tide against the invaders, but diplomatic rifts are still apparent between the species.

Galactic Intelligence officer Ries an na Van returns to his old command station to find answers to the many questions that remain of the Rajani mystery he’s discovered. His persistence is about to pay off, but will the answers he’s sought bring him peace?

Ronak now stands alone against the unified might of the Rajani. His quest for the Johar Stones has so far proven fruitless. He now knows the only Stones dwell in the bodies of the alien Humans. James and his team are in more danger than ever as the final push for liberation comes for the Rajani. The time has come for the final battle to free them all!

Story sample: 

“What would you have me do, Xenic, kill one of them?” his father asked, his voice rising again. “I’m sure their mother would be thrilled to hear your opinion.”

“No, Mighty Qadira,” Xenic answered. “I’m only saying that having both of your Seventh Sons reach maturity would cause . . . complications in the succession to the throne. With the Alliance treaty having just been signed, now is the right time to make it known who the next ruler of Krahn will be.”

Ronak realized that his father and Xenic were talking about him and his brother. It was tradition that the seventh generation male would succeed to the throne of the Clan. Normally, only one male hatched from the seventh clutch of eggs. But in this case, two had hatched from the eggs produced by their mother, Vasina of the Qadira Clan and High Vasina on the planet of Krahn and all of its holdings. Usually when this happened, one of the offspring would be sickly, and not last more than a week, or was even killed outright, but whether it was a misplaced sense of pity or the fact that both males had been strong enough to withstand the culling time—that period just after hatching, where the hatchlings were left without food or water to test their will to live—both had survived.

“Careful what you say next, Xenic,” his father said, softly. Ronak, though, could hear the steel in his voice.


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Author bio: 

Brian is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror author living in Colorado with his wife, four kids, a dog, and a cat.





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