Dragon’s Blood: Curse of the Drakku – New Release Blitz


Author: Jason Nugent

Book title: Dragon’s Blood: Curse of the Drakku Book Two

Genre: Fantasy

Published date: Aug. 27th, 2019


A fractured world reveals a bloody truth.

Lailoken’s past haunts him. Kidnapped from his homeland, he’s angry and ready to kill. But a mighty Garnet dragon presents a problem he cannot ignore.

Awakening to the possibility he dedicated his life to evil, he struggles to accept his new reality. Will he choose the Drakku whom he’s slaughtered all his life or will he uphold his honor as a dragonslayer?

Time is running out. The gray-souls roam once again and a dark force grows powerful. He must choose a side before the realm descends into chaos he cannot control.

The future of Tregaron rests on his decision.

Dragon’s Blood is the second book in the fast-paced Curse of the Drakku fantasy series. If you like intriguing magic, powerful dragons, and honorable heroes, then you’ll love Jason J. Nugent’s epic adventure.


Story sample:

Jor shuddered. The wilderness of southern Tregaron had been her home for three moons since the encounter outside the walls south of Woodpine, and she still was no closer to finding Lailoken. Forced to flee after the dragons destroyed the meeting with the Kull Naga, she and the remaining dragonslayers travelled far from those lands. Deep within her bones, she knew Lailoken was alive. He had to be.

“Jor, are you gonna eat that?” Belthos asked. He sat on the opposite side of the raging fire. The flames flickered, offering light in the early dark of winter. Snow blanketed the land and a bitter wind swept across the barren fields.

When they fled the plain, Jor escaped with the former Magus novice Belthos and the crossbowmen Tozgan and Ori. The four of them barely managed to live off the land far from Tregaron, fearing the Kull Naga Myrthyd had a price on their heads. Food scarcity was difficult for all of them.

“No, go ahead. You need it.”

Belthos had grown exponentially in his magical abilities even without supervision from the Order. His raw talents were improving. It was common to see him off in the distance waving his hands, the stone around his neck glowing. The more time he spent harnessing the powers, the more energy he expended. They had to increase their hunt in order to keep him going and have food for themselves, which was no easy task in winter, especially with decreasing food sources.

Between worrying about Lailoken and what she’d done, Jor wasn’t hungry.

Tozgan sat next to her. He pulled off his cap, twisted it, and put it back on. “Jor, I know you want to make sure he’s got the energy he needs to continue, but what about you? Don’t you need your strength?”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m fine. Really. I know my limits.”

“Sure, but you don’t know when we’ll eat again. You know the hunt has been dwindling. Winter’s heart is upon us and our food grows sparse.”

“I’m fine,” she said in a quiet voice. She rested her hands on her knees and watched the dancing flames leap from the wood in front of her. Frigid winds swirled around them, forcing ashes into the air. The fire crackled, embers glowing and fading.

Lailoken, she thought. I will find you. I have to avenge my actions.

Tozgan gave up trying to get her to eat and the three men finished their meal quietly as Jor stared blankly into the fire.

The night grew darker and the fire died down. The men retired to their blankets for difficult sleep in the frigid night. Jor huddled under her own blanket, hoping to rid her mind of the guilt for what she’d done to her friend. Time did nothing to heal her wound.



Author bio:

Jason J. Nugent has been a paperboy, pizza maker, dishwasher, restaurant manager, promotional products sales rep, chamber of commerce director, and one time BBQ champion. He has skated with Tony Hawk, had a babysitter with a serial killer brother, and is followed by rapper Chuck D on Twitter. He and his wife share a home in beautiful Southern Illinois with their son, two cats, and two dogs.

He’s the author of the fantasy adventure series Curse of the Drakku (The Blood Stone, Dragon’s Blood), the thrilling young adult scifi series The Forgotten Chronicles (The Selection, Rise of the Forgotten, The War for Truth) and two collections of horror / dark fiction short stories: (Almost) Average Anthology and Moments of Darkness. With thriller author Ray Wenck, he’s the co-author of the urban fantasy series The Seam Travelers (Escape, Capture).

More information and his blog can be found at jasonjnugent.com.



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