Editorial Review – Foundation Focus Freedom


Title: Foundation Focus Freedom: The 3 STEP PROCESS for Transforming your Mindset, Overcoming your Fears, and Harnessing Unimaginable Success

Author: Terence Young

Genre: Self Help / Personal Development


This detailed book is designed for those who are ready to examine their lives and move forward from their current patterns of thought. The author, a former OB-GYN, uses the concept of birth and pregnancy to structure the development of a new way of thinking, working toward “delivering an enhanced version of yourself.”

He looks at how changing the way someone talks to him or herself can impact that person’s view on life. His work discusses core values and limiting beliefs and, through visualization, gratitude, and revised definitions of success and failure, encourages one to act despite fear. Using an array of specific questions and mnemonics, the book strives to help people work through drafting a customized vision for the future.

The author writes, “The biggest obstacle to achieving success and manifesting our desires is not any external manifestations but the internal thoughts and limiting beliefs that we create for ourselves. Asking yourself the right questions and rewiring your internal mindset builds the foundation that your new successful life needs.”

Despite mentioning how a person’s past can hold them back or be the cause of his or her fears, the book isn’t designed for delving into the past. Overall, it’s much more forward-thinking, crafted to help people change things and move beyond where things have been rather than understanding one’s status quo.

The author’s tone is encouraging and optimistic. He believes that people can hold each other back, but he feels that success is something that enables a person to help others from a position of strength and transformation. Thus, that person can change as much to help others as to help him or herself.

The book quotes from a variety of self-help sources, like Wallace Wattles, Charles F. Haanel, and Napoleon Hill (and the author himself at one point), and utilizes the “BE DO HAVE” model, but the author adds “SEE” and “ACT” to the equation, relegating “DO” to the somewhat confusing role of addressing one’s fears and helping one be mentally prepared for acting rather than actually doing anything.

Similarly, the book layout can seem counter-productive. The author often presents a particular argument only to have lines that seem to undercut his entire premise, and there are moments where one might wonder where the connection is between the previous topic and the one currently being discussed.

Though edited, this book could use another proofreading pass, as sentences were missing key words and had erroneous punctuation at times that added to the distraction from the thoughtful message itself. A further source of distraction might be the way the reader is regularly directed to the author’s website for worksheets which, when encountered, resemble typed up lines from the book rather than unique additions to the work itself.

Insightful and thorough, this book will appeal to those seeking a customizable blueprint for how they can change their lives. The author celebrates little steps along the way to where readers will be encouraged to continue rather than daunted by the process, and his approach, while broad, allows for simple adjustments which can create a platform for greater change.



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