Editorial Review – A Price of Blood


Title: A Price of Blood

Authors: Renee Peters and Rae Stilwell

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy


The Anowen coven is a 700 year-old family of vampires who move freely among the ranks of society in Regency England. In A Price of Blood, the taut second installment in the Songs of Blood Saga, Arch Lord Lian of Anowen has broken his promise to a rival coven not to sire any new vampires.

As tensions rise between the two covens, war is threatened and even the strongest bonds of blood and fidelity are tested. Embroiled in the middle of this dangerous game of bloodthirsty aristocracy is Delilah, a mortal girl who once captured the heart of Anowen’s Arch lord. In order to protect her, Lian must risk everything he loves.

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