Editorial Review – Citizens Not Slaves: The Rise of the 99%


Title: Citizens Not Slaves: The Rise of the 99%

Author: Seán Gearárd McCloskey

Genre: Non-Fiction / Political Science


This heartfelt work discusses how the 99% has been kept down by the 1% “Global Power Elite,” looking at historical examples primarily in Great Britain and Scotland, and how the 99% might change the future to level the playing field.

The author discusses current political trends and living realities, like the plight of the homeless, struggling families, and the unemployed. He examines the statistics of who gets into Oxford and Cambridge, who leads the country via politics, and just what the money spent on the royal family actually gives Great Britain.

He recounts examples of what he sees as the elite’s control, from the Highland Clearances, the Scottish referendums, and the Darien Disaster, when Scotland tried to establish a colony in Central America. He writes, “Scotland has been stripped and robbed of its true sovereign wealth, identity and status by the barons of the British State and those who colluded with them, for centuries.”

He goes on to examine Britain’s involvement in various war atrocities and notes that, despite what is implied, Great Britain is still part of a never ending war. He feels it’s “time we all just said ‘NO’ to war,” and that those who want to start one should be “the first to go into battle, leading from the front.”

And he has endured some of the struggles he discusses. He shares his own personal experience with food stamps, writing, “I was one of the lucky ones. The safety net managed to save me in the nick of time…but its mesh is too wide and too many others have slipped through, with disastrous consequences.”

He feels that the 1% Elite uses division to keep the 99% “under their control” and writes, “We can all be proud of our countries and still identify ourselves as ‘citizens of the world’ or ‘one human race’ at the same time. That said, we’ll have to find a better balance between ‘national pride’ and ‘global unity’ if the 99% wish to truly ‘defeat the elite’ on a worldwide scale.”

The book is not just about exposing the shadow governments and rigged systems he feels operate throughout the world, though. The author encourages the reader to do something about changing things, from activism to starting a political party, and he discusses how sea-steading, or homesteading on the sea, might be part of the answer, along with ideas like democratic meritocracies and eliminating the monarchy in Britain.

The work has an organic, free-flowing structure, but it could use some editing polish and a more balanced approach to temper its fervency. In its political zeal, it doesn’t necessarily examine where statistics are coming from and how some actions might be natural human bias that needs to be overcome rather than a planned way of keeping others “down.”

Radical at times, yet encouraging, pointedly peaceful and determined, Citizens Not Slaves comes across as very personal and non-confrontational. Readers who enjoy thinking outside the political box will enjoy it even if they don’t agree with everything the author believes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars




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