Editorial Review: Miracle on Hammertown Road


Title: Miracle on Hammertown Road: One Man’s Fall and Salvation

Author: Jim “Bubba” Bay with Mic Ruzich

Genre: Biographical/Inspirational


Miracle on Hammertown Road: One Man’s Fall and Salvation by Jim “Bubba” Bay (with Mic Ruzich) tells Bubba’s life story of trials and tribulations.

On November 15, 2009 while walking home, Bubba moves quickly to avoid an oncoming car. Due to rainfall and erosion, the shoulder of the road is unstable. When he takes this fateful step, Bubba has a serious fall down a ravine. He experiences significant physical injuries and painstakingly crawls out of the ravine. He believes he will die and hopes only to be found for a decent funeral.

As the book continues, Bubba’s broader life story is told through flashbacks. We first learn about his marriage and wife. He also has a teenage son. We also learn that that the accident was not the only trial Bubba had faced in his life. Even prior to the accident, Bubba experienced the loss of two sons.

Moving back into the present, Bubba has near-death experiences. He sees a bright light and a vision of his deceased sons. He learns it is not his time to journey to the afterlife. Bubba continues crawling, seeking help and he does find it in a nearby home. To his own surprise, Bubba does survive his injuries.

Bubba is transported to the hospital, where he is assessed. His injuries are numerous, including major blood loss, many broken bones, and a traumatic brain injury. Doctors induce a coma so that Bubba’s body and brain can start to heal. Some portions of this story are told by others involved. This fills in the gaps where Bubba’s own memories would be faulty, due to his injuries or being unconscious in the coma.

The reader gets to see how Bubba’s family cope with his injuries and near-death, even while he himself was not entirely aware of their presence. The medical interventions that led to his physical recovery are described in detail. Some may know that it is easier for the body to heal than the brain. This is true for Bubba. Some things are more difficult, and yet he also looks at the world with newfound wonder.

Initially, Bubba is no longer able to care for himself without assistance. He relies on others for help and appreciates their care for him. In turn, he uses his story of survival and inspiration to help others. The book depicts his new mental challenges—short term memory loss, difficulty speaking, dizziness, headaches, and joint pain. His life is limited to more sedentary work as he continues to recover. He functions as a gas station clerk. Bubba has to work hard to reconstruct a new life for himself.

Miracle on Hammertown Road tells one man’s story of survival. The mix of Bubba’s perspective and the reports of others can be somewhat confusing, but it is necessary to tell the whole story. Overall, this book would be good for anyone that likes biography and stories about people defying the odds.

Miracle on Hammertown Road is an inspirational story. This book tells the story of a man who fought to overcome trials and setbacks. Bubba’s story can inspire others to continue on in the face of challenges.

Rating: 4 out of 5



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