Bargain Book of the Week – An Outlaw’s Vengeance

an outlaws vengeance


This series highlights inexpensive, free, or discounted books to give you, dear reader, the most options on what to read.

Free, reduced from $0.99

Territory of Colorado, 1871 Annalee Harper is a woman running from her past, her future, her everything. Hoping to start fresh in a booming gold rush town, she leaves Philadelphia and heads west. Little does she know, her plan at a fresh start will be violently interrupted, and she’ll be forced to choose between the new life she was seeking out, or the even greater adventure that comes her way.

Jesse Rhodes is an outlaw on the run, hoping to steal enough money to go someplace where no one will find him. He never expected a woman shrouded in mystery to step into his life and turn his world upside down. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that the law may not be his biggest threat anymore, and that the real danger may be in the woman whose path he happened to cross, and the ghosts that haunt his past. Together, Jesse and Anna embark on a journey to save themselves, and each other. A journey filled with action and adventure, and passion and betrayal.

You can check out An Outlaw’s Vengeance here.






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