Code Red – Book Review


Code Red: A Faith Flores Science Mystery, Book Two by Janie Chodosh

Even though I did not read book One I felt the author catches you up with the backstory without being overly repetitive or boring. Faith Flores is an intelligent seventeen year old girl who grew up in Foster homes never knowing her Father. Her drug addict Mother who was murdered in book one never talked about him so Faith always assumed he was just another deadbeat Dad that never had any interest in knowing his daughter.For this she grew up hating a man she never knew.

Being a smart young lady from Philadelphia interested in science Faith earns a summer internship to work in a research Lab out in New Mexico. The Salazar Center for Plant Genomics in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What she finds in Santa Fe will change her life for ever.While in Santa Fe she believes that is where her Deadbeat Dad was from, so naturally she decides to see what she can find out.Growing up in foster homes Faith never really had a sense of family. She soon learns what family really means.

Book two in the Faith Flores mystery series. Code Red has just about everything you would want in a novel of this Genre.Billed as a Young Adult novel it is very well written with deep characters. With something very mysterious  going on within her lab research thus the “MYSTERY” she gets herself involved in something maybe she should not get into. This is one thing that keeps the pages turning. But the real story I think is her new found friends and family that she soon learns to care so much about. How she struggles with the thought that she may not “Belong” with them and how everyone becomes attached to her and of course her to them.

What else is quite impressive is the scientific research the author Janie Chodosh must have done to create this story. It’s easy to tell the lab stuff is well researched. Also the depth of the characters is well done. Each one has a distinct personality with each having special talents whether its cooking, Music or just plain inquisitive investigating skills. I hope there is a book three coming because I’d like to follow these characters a little more.


Book Summary

After nailing the murderer of her addict mom and proving that her detractors are full of it, seventeen-year-old Faith Flores is back for another kick-ass science mystery.

She’s proud to be chosen for a summer internship at a research lab in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but once she arrives, complications abound. For one thing, Santa Fe is the birthplace of the father she’s never met, and for another, she clashes with a local environmentalist trying to pull the plug on the genetically modified chiles her new boss is engineering.

She and violin prodigy, Clem, learn of a new teen drug called liquid gold while discreetly researching the family angle. The chip on Faith’s shoulder is still there, but so is her determination to uncover the truth when a girl she meets at a party dies from an overdose of liquid gold.

Check out Code Red here.




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