The Forest and the Farm – Book Review



The Forest and the Farm by Vance Huxley

Released: June 7th, 2016
Publisher: Entrada
# of Pages: 488 (Kindle Edition)
Source: Received for review

Summary: Billi has always been different, and how could he not be? A man with one leg was uncommon enough. Then a three-legged Hound, Rabbit, came from the Forest and sat by his wheelchair, and he had to learn to be a Hunter.

Paired for life, Hunters and Hounds are vital to their Village for hunting and protection in the Forest. They share a wordless song which allows them to know each other’s moods and warn of danger. Rules about the Farm and Forest keep the villagers safe – no living tree can be cut, and any man without a Hound is prey once in the Forest.

But an unexpected turn of events leads Billi into new territory. A solitary life evolves as he explores the Forest and finds friends in unlikely places. Now Billi must learn about gifts, chasing, catching and sparkuls as he includes others in his life. Light on magic, but big on heart, Billi’s story rings a chord with anyone who’s ever felt they don’t fit in.

Join Billi on a world-building journey through a land you almost feel you recognize that still has the ability to surprise you.

-Via Goodreads

Rating: Four out of Five Stars

To start off, I love the fact that this was so original. The author did a fantastic job at creating a fantasy world that was so unique. He perfectly explained the society, and all of my questions were answered. Most fantasy stories I do read don’t have the best world-building, or they’re just not very creative and original. Vance Huxley definitely created a one-of-a-kind world that keeps readers intrigued.

The writing style was another thing I loved about this novel. The writing style was different than what I normally see in books, so it was a nice change. And overall the plot of the story was engaging. However, there were some parts of the story that I personally saw as slow. Throughout the story there were many gripping points, but there were a few moments I experienced where I lost interest in picking up the book for a while. But, my favorite thing about this novel was the inspiring message I received from reading it.

The main character, Billi, and his hound, Rabbit, are both missing one of their legs. I adore that this story has shown that even if you have a disability, if you continue to persevere you can do things everyone else are able to do. This message made the reading worthwhile, and I am sure that this is a book I will never forget.

I highly recommend this book, because it is truly an amazing story to read.




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3 thoughts on “The Forest and the Farm – Book Review

  1. Well, I am adding this book to my to-read list based off your review. It is hard to find a book that is original in its fantasy. Nowadays it seems they are churning out these books which are so very similar! This was a lovely read :)


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