Mr. Mercedes – Book Review

Mr. Mercedes


Fiction: Crime/Thriller

Read: September 2015

My rating: ****1/2

Some Stephen King fans may be disappointed by this one as it falls outside of the horror genre.  I personally loved it–but then I quite liked “Joyland” published through “Hardcase.” With a great plot, great character development, good pacing, and a satisfactory ending (which I have lacking on some of King’s books), “Mr Mercedes” is a great addition to the detective genre. An all-around good read. Available through Amazon, Print Book Sellers.

Check out Mr. Mercedes and give it a read.



Guest post contributed by Sarah Jackson Writer. Hailing from the land down under, Sarah reads a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, which is reflected in her book reviews.



7 thoughts on “Mr. Mercedes – Book Review

  1. I also enjoyed “Mr Mercedes.” As I said in my review of “Finders Keepers,” I think that King writes exceptionally well when he steps out of his horror comfort zone. I am very much looking forward to “End of Watch.”

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  2. I am one of those that was disappointed with this book and the follow up ‘Finders Keepers’ I think Mr King is an awesome writer & I love his storytelling but this doesn’t have the intrigue for a detective novel. Having said that I will hold out for the third novel just in case it gets better :) for me Stephen King is the master of suspense but many others do detectives better.
    Try 11/22/63 for an excellent read.


  3. The fact that Stephen King seems to have mastered the detective/mystery genre along with his mastery of horror makes me a bigger fan while I simultaneously envy him vigorously. I learned a ton from reading his non-fiction book, ‘On Writing’ and I’ve learned a lot about the genre that my books fall into, the detective/mystery category, from reading Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers.

    Thanks for posting your review.


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